Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lexus Joyride Update

Remember that my husband's car didn't get returned to us exactly the way way left it? Here's the latest.

He was finally able to bring it in to the Lexus dealership (which happened to be 20 miles in the opposite direction - great) for a full inspection.

As we knew, the passenger's side rear view mirror had been completely ripped off. The auto relocation company told us the truck driver claimed that, during transport, the mirror was caught on a "hose".

Uh huh.

There were also two nails in one of the tires. Don't forget there were an additional 90 miles on the car when it was dropped off to us. The gas tank was completely empty, too. Can you say joy ride?

We submitted a claim last week. The auto relocation company said they cannot tell us anything about their "investigation" until after we submit the claim. Know why? So they can cover their asses. They don't want to have to tell us too much...although I wonder how much they'll tell us anyway.

Damaged mirror & parts: $803.13

Labor: $169.95

Tire replacement, balance & labor: $272.00

Total cost of the claim: $1319.72

Half a tank of gas, plus refueling to get the car to drive again: $28.15

Total: $1347.87

That's a pretty expensive joy ride if you ask me.

The crappy part about this is we had to pay for it ourselves and then wait to be reimbursed. I've considered filing a police report against them (the car was stolen, after all) and am filing a complaint to the BBB. All of this BS has taken a lot of our time and effort, and like we needed this right after moving across the country to a strange city.


We're still waiting on word back from the company after submitting our claim this past week. I'm curious what they're going to come back with. I'll be happy just as long as who ever stole the car is fired. If they come back, say they'll pay it, but aren't willing to tell us anything else.... I'll be furious.

Want to hear the update on my claim? Read it here- Lexus Joyride Update, Take Two


SexShoppingandGreed said...

That sucks, but I'm glad you called them out by name! Good for you!

gayle said...

That is terrible!! I just read this to my husband and he said you should file a police report!! Hope you get your money back and all you need to know but I am guessing they are not going to tell you anything...but I hope so!!

Dedi said...

what a bunch of jackasses!! they should at minimum pay you back AND fire the guy. Land of me believes you also deserve a partial refund too since they didn't do what they said they would (get your car to you the same way you left it).

Big Red said...

How about posting a negative comment on every review board you can about them. What a horrible company. I will never be recommending them. I was on their website, what a joke! "We believe in respecting our customers and customer satisfaction" blah blah blah.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

What a bunch of rutards!! Good luck!

Mona said...

Dayum that sucks!!! F them!

Cathie said...

I hope you get some resolution to this!

PorkStar said...

That shit really enfuriates me for real. The police report is a good idea on top of the complaint to the BBB and I would threaten them with a class action lawsuit as well, and they have the nerve to counter argue with ya'll? Really, the fucking nerve!

Nicole said...

What a bunch of BS!!!! go get em Tash.

marym said...

Wow, I was Googleing 'Reindeer Auto' to find comments by other 'victems' on review sites. Found your blog. We had a very similar situation, which is still unresolved.
We moved back to Colorado, from Hawaii, at the end of September. Our cars had to be cleaned and have no more than a quarter tank of gas. Well, several weeks later we got a call on Oct. 17th saying our vehicles would be delivered the next day, a Friday....Well, lots of calls and three days later, they were finally delivered..Dirty and damaged. The driver called Monday afternoon and said he'd be here around 3pm, then called later and said he'd be here more around 6pm. Well, the sun was setting behind the mountains and he already had unloaded my husbands truck and parked it up against some bushes. He never called me, I just wondered over to the hotel office, thinking the driver should be here soon. He tried to push the paperwork under my nose to sign off on it, but then I noticed severe damage to the passengers side mirror on my husbands truck. I asked him about it, but he mumbled something which didn't sound like English. I asked him to repeat what he said, but that didn't help. He did have all the damage with arrows to the spots on the vehicle, on the paperwork with the 'SC' for scratched, etc., but HEY...they were clean and pretty much scratch-free when they picked them up several weeks earlier. So the day after delivery I did my best to make notes of the scratches, damages and grease on the driver's side of both vehicles and called the Reindeer Auto office to report damages. They faxed a claim form and the next day an adjuster came out during a SNOWSTORM. There was about 1" of snow on the vehicles and there was damage on both roofs which he didn't see because the cars were covered with dirt, and now snow. Oh well, it's such a long story. Anyhow, since my husbands job was the one who relocated us, they are going to investigate our claims and try to find out why Reindeer Auto hasn't returned our phone calls, emails or paid us or the auto repair place any money. I hope you get reimbursed. We might have to pay out of pocket and then try to file a claim against Reindeer Auto. I think the BBB should be notified too.

And, as a side note: the people who picked up our vehicles back in March of '09 were from Russia, and I think the driver who delivered them here was from there or in that region of the world. And the name 'Reindeer'.....Hmmmm.

Kacey said...

Oh my gosh! That is horrible! How is that company even in operation?!

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