Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Is it bad that I've had just as much fun playing the Princess Wii game as my four-year-old daughter? The thing is fun! No fighting, no hard script or story lines to follow, and daym, it's easy! Easy is good. I realize I'm playing a game that's meant for an eight-year-old but... still. My brain is fried from being home all day - throw me a bone, people!

We even get to dress our character how we want, from hairstyles, eye color, dress and jewelry. I can sit and keep the diva daughter occupied for hours! Good, educational, quality time.


I still jump every time the Pillsbury Crescent Roll tube pops open. I'm such a wuss. I know it's going to pop...I know it's going to's going to pop now.....*POP!* Shit! And yet it still scares me every time.


Our new house has a lady bug invasion. Don't ask me where they all came from but the little buggers are everywhere. I find at least 10 a day all over my floors. Gross. My daughter has even started playing with the dead ones (or they're dead once she gets a hold of them *snicker*). She'll come up and show me, and tell me she's putting it to bed and when it wakes up "it will be alive again!"

Sweet. My daughter's entertainment is playing with dead ladybug carcases. I suppose there could be worse bugs around....


Dedi said...

That effing can of biscuits, crescent rolls w/e scares me too. EVERY TIME. It's so bad for me that if I have to open one I grab the little flap in a pincher grip and shake it keeping as far from the can as possible.

Sometimes I just hand it to DH and leave the room.

gayle said...

We have the lady bug problem in October and November time frame for about 4 years....they were day I can home and they were all over my kitchen ceiling ...I about freaked out!! So years were worse than others ...last year we only had a few!!
I think it is great that you are playing With your daughter!!

Miss Yvonne said...

Look at it this way...a dead ladybug is better than a live snake. I think so anyway.

Also? I hate that mf'er doughboy. Scares the shit out of me every single time too. I make my husband open the tube and then I stand in the corner with my hands over my ears. For reals.

Nicole said...

LOL I hate opening those cans! It scares me too.

Lady bugs are good! They eat all of the bad bugs on your plants.

Caz Wilson said...

Lady Bugs are cute! Well they are individually, en mass I could potentially see the problem. Lots of bugs = eew!!


Harvard Housewife said...

Don't laugh at me cause I'm straight up about to buy that Princess Wii game. I told hubby I don't like video games because I die every 2 minutes and have to start over and it sucks.

Tracey said...

I too experience some major anxiety when opening the biscuits! I usually have my husband open them because I just cannot handle the intensity associated with it!

Unknown said...

My mom's house is the same way in the early winter. My sister has had to move out of her room because they are such a bother.

AmandaWK said...

My parents have them, too. My Mom is so sick of and grossed out by them, now. The wallpaper was peeling a little but in her living room, and the dang things were making a home behind the wallpaper. The to top it off and totally send my Mom over the edge, the theme for my Baby Shower... yep you guessed it, LADY BUGS! :)

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