Monday, December 14, 2009

Philly Update

A little update and a (not so) funny story for your reading pleasure. Make sure to leave your opinions in the comments - I'd like to hear them!

My husband's and my cars were dropped off to us a few days ago. Remember when I told you they called us and said the hubby's Lexus was "damaged" in transit? Well, we found out that it was *much* more than that....

When the cars were dropped off, they seemed fine. Clean. The driver was very professional. Ok, cool. But after the husband got into his car and drove it into our garage, he noticed that the gas tank gauge read

"Tank Empty. You can go 0 miles"

Um, what? We left the car with almost a half a tank of gas....and now it has none?

Keep in mind that the car was put onto a trailer and towed the entire way from Vegas to Philly. No driving was supposed to have taken place.

But the gas tank was empty? Can you see where this story is going?

We pulled out our paperwork from the drop off, compared mileage, and discovered that the Lexus had 90 additional miles put on it. Yes, ninety. What.....the......fuck. Someone took our car out for a 90-mile joyride? Who knows where, who knows when, who know whom, who knows what they, drugs and doughnuts comes to mind. Maybe they drove it to New York City. The point is, we gave no authorization for them to drive the car.

Welcome to Philly!

My husband called this company....which I wont mention by name *cough cough* and the first person to take his call, stupid woman, offered us a "sorry" and to give us $10 in gas compensation.

Excuse me, what? $10? Are you serious? She had her supervisor call us, who also got huffy and scattered and offered us $20. Whoo we're talkin!


Sorry to sound rude but, bitches, you better have something better than that.

So not only is the driver's side mirror damaged (which we're assuming happened in the night of joyriding fun) but there are 90 additional miles put on our car. Awesome.

Another supervisor called me today to "follow up" and she didn't even know about the additional miles. Like, no one told you? Again, awesome. What the hell is with this company? So I busted out my "I'm smart and well spoken and will totally kick your ass" voice for her. I know every chick has *that* voice! It seemed to have worked because she said she would call me back with an update. We'll see....

Anyway, that's the latest. We move into our house on Wednesday. Cant wait! I'll keep you updated on the car dramz. Pictures coming soon!


Quill and Greyson said...

That sucks! When my grandparents moved cross-country with the car IN the trailer and ALL the gas leaked out from a puncture in the gas tank! They had to have much of their belongings replace (why the moving co did not drain the tank we will never know.


PorkStar said...

Holy shit dude!!!!! I would go all Kanye West on their asses, nuh uh!

Seriously, that's one of the most insulting things I've heard a service company would do and, they expect you NOT to notice???? Take pics and keep all those records. I would sue them or at least threaten them with a lawyer, that is beyond ridiculous.

Big Red said...

Oh hell no! Better be making numerous calls as high up the chain as you can. And if his company hooked you up with them and be sure to let them know about the scam as well.

Jill said...

Oh No they dint... I'd be pissed and I'd call everyday. Welcome. Maybe this is some kind of "karmic initiation". Hang in there.

Merrie said...

Customer service at its best! Glad you figured it out -- hopefully this person or people won't get away with it again.
I can't wait to see pictures!!

Nicole said...

Dont forget to make a complaint with the BBB too. Every complaint they get the better.

Toni said...

Interested in hearing what end up happening with the company. Sorry!!

Can't wait to hear about the new house. Email me, I wanna know what town and how far you'll be :)

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Yeah, WTF, did they think you wouldn't notice? Did they ever give an explanation for the unauthorized mileage? That's total BS.

gayle said...

You are going to have to bug them to death. I assume they are going to give you money for the damaged mirror. You should demand money for the gas and something for the fact that it was drivin that many miles. Don't give up keep bugging them until you get what you want.

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