Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moving Can Suck It

Two more sleeps in Las Vegas before my family and I leave for Philadelphia.....for good! I've been pretty stressed, pretty anxious and have hardly slept. There are boxes scattered all over my house - we're about half packed right now. The kids are asking lots of questions and I am desperately trying to keep track of where our stuff is (and my sanity, for that matter). I've already lost my cell phone charger.


The packers are on their way over for round two of talking my ear off while going through every aspect of my personal and private life. (Picture a strange man packing your underwear, yeah)

Hide all the porn, honey!

The TVs are being packed today, which means no TV watching today or tonight. Ok, no sweat. I'll get the books out. Oh wait....books are packed already. Shit. Ok, then we can But wait, my kids talk my freakin ear off all day already.

This is going to be awesome.

I guess I shouldn't complain. I have people packing all of my crap for me. They're packing, loading it, unloading it once we get there, and then even unpacking it for me. I don't think moving gets any easier than that.

Now all I need is a nanny.

And a maid.

And a bar.

And a book.

And some crazy pills.


The Mom Jen said...

Big changes coming up, so exciting and scary at the same time! I'm wishing you all the best, makes for blog fodder, think of it that way!

Keep in touch!

September said...

Okay, just so you're prepared for when you get to the other do know that PA has funky laws regarding liquor? Wine/Alcohol can only be sold in a liquor store (though they have pretty normal hours) and beer is only sold by the case in state run beer distributorships (with *very* funky hours), or sold by the bottle by bars who all sell package goods. My IL's live there, don't drink and more than once we've been caught paying $2.50/bottle for a six-pack when we're stuck there (and we gladly pay it...small price to pay for sanity, lol).

Good luck with the move. Did you remember to leave a few coats out and accessible??

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Almost halfway over! Hang in there. I love you!!!!!!!!! XXOOXXOOXXOO

Nicole said...

Just breathe and try to relax. Lock the kids in one of their empty bedrooms and let them get it all out of their systems!?
Call me if you need to talk. I'm home and bored. I wont be able to anser my phone between 4 and 7 on Friday night.

Anonymous said...

LOL love your blog!

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