Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holy Crap & Congratulations!

Holy crap you guys. You totally blow me away with your support. I thought it was going to take forever to get my 100th follower. But I went to sleep last night with 94 followers and wake up with 104!

You chicks are fast....and you obviously do your dirty work at night. So thanks to all of you vampires, prostitutes and gamblers! Heehee!

I wanted to give an extra thanks to The Mom Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy. Jen, you know what you did, and I am ever so grateful. Smooches!

And now to my 100th follower......that's PATTY! Congratulations Patty! Send me an email at to claim your secret prize: a roll of toilet paper and a lump of coal! Yuk yuk yuk....just kidding.

To everyone else, thanks for the support and keep a look out for more goodies I'll be giving away - I seem to have an endless supply of stuff coming in to give back to you wonderful peeps!


gayle said...


Anonymous said...
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Big Red said...


Mrs. Jeremy said...

What Big Red said!! Woohoo!!

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