Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's! Let's Go To Brazil!

Happy New Year's Eve! I hope you and yours have a wonderful evening, snuggled up with your hunny....or partying it up with a bunch of drunk people. Either way, be safe. The Housewife may be a party animal sometimes, but I always take all the necessary precautions...whatever those may be. Wink wink.

And so, for your viewing pleasure today, I'm sharing just a preview of what's to come. What does that mean? Remember my girls and I took a trip to Brazil a few months ago? And my girlfriends, as smart as they are, for some reason allowed me to film the waxing (ripping) process. (insert evil laugh here)

This is a short part of my friend, Stephanie's, visit to the bed. Listen for the rip because you can totally hear it! Don't you love the cheesy spa music in the background? Yea, relaxing! Totally! Please excuse her enormous boobs...but we are Vegas housewives so...what else would you expect?

Steph here is a pretty tough chick, so you don't get as big of a reaction as one would hope for.'s still funny, just the same.

The best part? I didn't even tell her I was going to post this. Heehaw! It will be a nice little surprise for her. So surprise, Steph! Heather, you're next! After all, what are good friends for?

Enjoy, everyone. And remember....this is only the first of many videos of my girls and me getting our worlds rocked...or should I say ripped out?


Nicole said...

L-O-L I dont think I could do it. I'm thinking about it though. Is it worth it????

The Mom Jen said...


Caz Wilson said...

I've wimped out of this in the past. Respect to you Ladies!!


gayle said...

Oh no!! too afraid!!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

LOL, saw your email so had to go look. Shqawwww! I don't make it look that bad :D HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Let's go again when we get to Philly!

SexShoppingandGreed said...


Mona said...

Haha nice Steph!!!

Anonymous said...

My best friend is fresh out of beauty school and my waxer. Nothing funnier than your friend slapping your vagina after yanking off a wax strip. Waxing ROCKS.

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