Monday, November 9, 2009

The Vegas Housewife is Moving.... Philadelphia.

Can I get a big "HOLY SHIT?!" from everyone?

Yep, the "Vegas" Housewife will be no more. *Sniff* My family and I will be moving to the Philly burbs to create a new life....full of cheese steak and soft pretzels.

Let me tell ya - it's been one hell of a month.

Philly Housewife? Nah, too boring. I am so not into boring. So obviously, The Housewife Diaries will be changing. Hopefully not too much, and I hope I don't lose all you Vegas-lovers....

I've never even been to Philly....well, I was there for 2 days, but that hardly counts. Moving my family across the country is a huge deal. I'm sure I will have plenty of shit to write about. I ain't 100% happy about the move, but the hubby, bless his heart, has been offered a HUGE job. I'm very proud of him and, being the good housewife that I am, agreed to pack up and move.

So put your seat belts on, because shit is going to hit the fan on The Housewife Diaries. I'm not sure what the shit is yet, but never fear - I'll keep you posted.

Anyone in Philly need a food writer...?


Caz Wilson said...

OMG You're moving! Good luck with everything but I can't believe you're leaving Vegas!!!


Cathie said...

Did you ever take a picture of that statue and zoom in on it? Go ahead and do it and contain your laughter. You can look at my blog and it answers it for you.

I do like Philly.....go get the WaWa iced will like it!

Gretchen said...

Sounds exciting! You are up for the challenge and it'll most def make for some good blog material. Good luck and keep us posted!

Quill and Greyson said...

Holy Sh!#. Course I'll be tuned to the Housewife whatever city.


Michelle said...

Good luck! We moved from Colorado to Baltimore for my hubby's job in March. The first time I had been to the east coast was when we were looking for houses. I really love it out here. Different than the west but lots to explore within a short driving distance.

Shanna said...

Holy Crap Tasha!!! You're gonna be 3hrs. from me! Good luck with the move- just in time for Winter! :) Stay in Vegas until April for your own sanity, really!!

Merrie said...

Holy cow! Philly?! I'm sure it will be an adventure, and congrats to your hubby on the job, but I'm sorry you're not too excited yet. Hopefully the house you'll buy will make it better for you.
On an upside, my work filter didn't stop me from visiting your site today -- apparently you're porn free!

Good luck -- I'll be excited to see how this rolls out. I myself would love to move out of state, but we're not goin' anywhere anytime soon. I'll live vicariously through you!

Harvard Housewife said...

Guess I'll just have to blogstalk you to philly. What about your "you know you live in Vegas section" - one of my favs?? Have you checked out She lives in Philly and seems cool. maybe you can be friends?

Valerie said...

Hey there!! Wow. Vegas to Philly huh? Go big or go home right?

You'll like Philly. All of my Dad's side of the family is there. I lived outside of Philly for a few years when I was younger - in Levittown. I have all good memories :)

Have fun and keep us posted on the move!! You won't be dying of heat anymore. That's for sure. You'll just freeze. lol.

3HappyHippies said...

HOLY MOTHER...okay so I totally wasnt expecting a post like this. I LOVE your Vegas Housewifeness. Um what does that mean? Well whatever. Keep us posted, what an adventure you will have.

Unknown said...

I moved to the Philly burbs a year ago from Charleston, SC. Huge change, but we Love it! Do you know to which area you will be moving? Let me know and I will try to hook you up with some suggestions, advice, other bloggers, etc.

Good Luck!

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