Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Know You Live in Las Vegas When...

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Deep we go!

You know you live in Las Vegas when....

-Your three-year-old daughter tells you her Barbies are going to the casino. (yikes!)

-Your "end of the summer" party is in late October.

-Your staycations are just as good as your vacations.

-The Vegas specials on the Travel Channel bore you. *yawn*

-Your out-of-town buddies call you from the strip at 10pm wanting to go out....on a Tuesday.

-Seeing Elvis around town is no biggie.

-Taking the kids out on a Friday night means dinner at MGM and then onto the M&Ms store for dessert.

That's it for now! Have a fabulous weekend!


The Mom Jen said...

I love these posts, the Barbie one is classic!! I'm sure they have a Vegas Stripper Pole Barbie available somewhere there, right!? ;)

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Wohoo! Yay for end of summer parties in October!

Big Red said...

YKYLIV when u have to wait in line to get into a Halloween store and meanwhile people r drinking beer and mixed drinks.

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