Monday, October 26, 2009

Conversations with DH

If you want to check out some of the other conversations I've had with my family, go here to my Conversations with.... page. I just went and re-read them and they still crack me up! Hopefully they will you, too!
By the way, DH stands for "dear husband" in computer talk.

DH just got back from being out of town for a few days, and before that I was deathly ill with the Swine Flu. With all of that going on, we went two weeks without nookie (a record for us, methinks - part of a housewife's job is putting out regularly, right ladies? ).

Background: DH gets home from the airport at 9pm. I'm half asleep in bed already (because taking care of two little kids by yourself for two days is freakin exhausting). I sleepily give him a "welcome back" hug and a kiss and then conk out for the night.

The next day DH jokingly says...

DH: I was expecting to come home with you in some lingerie and like a margarita in your hand ready to go...(since we hadn't done the deed in forever).

Me: Oh yea? Hym. Welp, sorry bout that.

Later in the day....during another conversation........

DH: I was expecting you to welcome me home with some lingerie and a margarita in your "hello dear...let's get it on"....

Me: Why do you keep saying that? Are you being serious?

DH: No! I'm just joking! Geez....

Me: Well you keep bringing it up. This is the third time today. That means you're serious and you're just pretending to be joking.

DH: Ummmm, no...I swear I was joking.

Uh huh.

Me: I don't even drink margaritas.

DH: I know.

Me: How about totally naked and a beer instead? For next time. That's more my speed.

DH: Sounds good.

Marriage is all about compromise, right?


PorkStar said...

I think he's secretly affraid of you... lol

Mrs. Jeremy said...

You don't drink margaritas?!?! I am shocked and appalled.

Harvard Housewife said...

skinny girl margaritas are the best. tequila, cointreau, and a splash of lime juice. anyway, you all are too cute

Nicole said...

LOL typical man!

Here's how our conversation goes...

DH - Hey thanks for falling asleep at 9:30!!

When in reality he was the one to fall asleep and I layed there watching tv!!!! WTF?

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