Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things I hate more than cleaning the bathroom

Things I hate more than cleaning the bathroom:

1. Getting an operation.

2. Drinking Castor oil (don't even ask about that incident).

3. Sharing my bed with spiders.

4. Having the stomach flu.

5. Getting a root canal.

6. Cat-fighting on Facebook with my husband's (stupid, mean and disgusting) former fuck buddy. Seriously honey....what were you thinking? (I'll save this story for another time- it's a juicy one)


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Love your #6! So honest.

Now, do you mean the shit-your-brains-out or the puke-your-guts-out type of stomach virus? Because if it's the shitting type, I'd definitely take that over cleaning the bathroom. (Though ironically, that would necessitate a good cleaning.)

Anything to lose a few pounds, you know?

Nicole said...

Ummm never had a root canal, dont want one. I've never had to confront an ex bed buddy. As far as the other things go, I'd clean a hundred bathrooms (in my own house)not to have the flu. That shit sucks (literally).

Michelle said...

Come on you have to spill the beans.

Deborah said...

heh heh you slay me! Stomach flu is a bitch, especially the type where you have it coming out of both ends...Root canals do suck...spiders in the bed...oh, here's one, from someone who used to live in El Paso--scorpions--sheesh! Operations--well--yeah they stink, too, but castor oil? I'd have 20 operations not to have to drink that vile substance ever German grandmother used to pour it down us every time we came to visit. ech! Hope you're having a wonderful day, my dear. D

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