Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conversations with DH

In case you didn't know, "DH" stands for "Dear Husband" in computer talk. If you like these, check out some of our other conversations to your left...

Me - Did you like my blog post this morning?

DH - Yes. it was funny. I don't like all your "fuck" words, though.

Me - Why not?

DH - Because you don't talk like that in real life. Because I think of you as more wholesome than that.

Me - (giggle) Wholesome....? Me? Well, bless your little heart!

(Looks like I'm pulling off this sweet, housewife thing pretty well...heehee. But you guys know the truth, dont ya?)

Me - But I swear like that in my head. I just dont do it around the kids. Unlike someone I know. *cough* You really think I'm wholesome?

DH - Yeah. What's wrong with that? And no, I dont like your swearing. But not that I should be fucking talking....

Me - Uh huh.


Nicole said...

You wholesome???? Bwahhhaahahhaha. Just kidding, you are for the most part. He didnt know you way back when, potty mouth :)

Sarah said...

The absolute last thing my hubby gets to do is correct my language. Lord Potty Mouth himself!

Michelle said...

Too funny!

TTownDiva said...

I think it's adorable when you curse. You make it look so cute.

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