Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One reason I'm stupid.

I have many reasons why I'm stupid. This is one of them.

Yesterday, my kids and I were walking back to my car after a swim at the gym. My hair was wet, it was over 100 degrees and it was dinner time. I wanted to get home.

I got the kids into the car and, as I was climbing in myself, a dark Lexus pulls up behind my car (blocking me in) and honks. At first glance I think it's my husband.

Nope. It's an older Lexus. A dude with a very large gold chain around his neck gets out and says...

"Squooz me, I'm trying to get a quart of oil for sister's car ovah theh and I need like $1.40. Can you give me some change?!!"

What? You're driving a fucking Lexus and you're asking me for money? (I didn't really say this but just sort of stared at him in my wet-haired amazement)

I mumbled something to him....

And GAVE him my last two dollars.! (get it?)

So he takes off with my change. I think he said thank you.

I drove home wondering what the hell just happened.

Oh wait, I know- I'm stupid.


Nicole said...

OMG I have done that shit before. It's the nice person (in us) getting the better of us. Then after your done being nice you look back and realize that you just got taken advantage of. But who knows, maybe he really did need it and if not karma will come around for the both of you!

Big Red said...

Your not stupid, just nice and trusting. BTW, can I have $2?

Sarah said...

That is a freaking AWESOME movie! I would have worried if he had chased you down with a herd of guys in Lexuses screaming "I want my two dollars."

Some of us are just kind people to a fault I guess.

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