Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ice Cream Truck? No thanks.

When did the ice cream man turn so freakin creepy?
We have one that occasionally patrols our streets, playing some church music (seriously- I think last time it was a Jesus Christmas song...) in an old, beat up van that you see down by the river.

Did ya get that one?

What happened to the real ice cream trucks? Now it's someone's '87 van with the paint coming off and curtains in the windows....reminds me of a van dudes use to kidnap kids in. Creepy.

The driver is usually some greasy looking dude driving with his arm out the window like he's looking for chicks.

Ummmm, yea. I want my kids running after this guy.


So, even though I have fond memories of the ice cream man (my uncle was one for a time), and slurping up a bomb pop until my entire mouth was blue and red, there is NO WAY my kids are going to buy ice cream from the creepy, greasy, kidnappy-looking dude that drives the van down by the river while blasting "We wish you a merry Christmas".
Dude. It's August. And take a shower.


Rita Templeton said...

YES!! Our ice cream man is equally creepy - what's up with that? He drives around in a beat-up van, with chipped red paint, that says "STAN'S ICE CREAM" on the side. *shudder* It's like a roach coach.

Matt said...

Nice pictures, which accurately point out the differences between then and now. I love the 50's ice cream man with the bow tie, white outfit and polished ride. In contrast, you have the shady customers in trench coats, who are just as likely to be buying an 8 ball as they are to be buying a bomb pop.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

LMAO!!!! Great post. Thanks for the big laugh this AM!

Lizzie said...

i want an ice cream truck that delivers mommy drinks!!!!

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