Friday, August 28, 2009

Call me crazy?

Call me crazy but, I've decided to go to Brazil for the very first time.

That means I'm getting my first Brazilian bikini wax.


The best part? I'm going to have my girlfriend film it. Why? So I can post my reaction to the torture on The Housewife Diaries.

This is a gift to my husband. His birthday is on Monday and I wanted to do something clever this year. The wax takes TWO WEEKS worth of hair growth....are you getting a visual? Yea, nice, right? I've been itchy and amazon "down there" for two whole weeks. I haven't been this scruff since high school. I'm ready to get the shit ripped off.

Since I gave birth at home I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance. But I'm still a teensy bit scared.

Stay tuned for the video. Gulp.

Wanna see a really funny PG video of chicks getting waxed? GO HERE.

Want something a little more nasty...but just as funny? GO HERE.


Caz Wilson said...

OMG you're so brave, was gonna have one last year but wimped out when I got to the salon. Having had 0 kids, I have the pain tolerance of a giant wimp and usually Veet down there as a result!!

Good luck!!

Nicole said...

Oouch. You are one brave mama! I dont honestly know if I could do it. Even after having 3 kids. Here is my question that you can answer me (in a few weeks).....what about in growns???? I would think that would hurt like hell!

Michelle said...

I think you are crazy! What a selfless thing to do for your husband. I hope he enjoys it. Between the people I have known who have done it and said never, ever to do it and the you tube video showing horrified reactions, I think I will pass.

The Mom Jen said...

That is Harsh! OUch. Good luck, I'd take a Xanax first!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Nah, it's going to be a piece of cake! A couple of cocktails first will make everything allll right :)

Blasé said...

Go for it!

Christy said...

1st...freakin hilarious! Thank you for making my Friday. 2nd... you re one brave mama. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be so brave, but haven't worked up enough courage yet. Let us know how it goes!! Good luck!

Mona said...

Where and when are you going? I will be going to Euphoria tomorrow at 9

TTownDiva said...

You are so thoughtful. LOL. I can't say much more because this is my brother we are talking about here. Gross. LOL.

Valerie said...

You m ay be a little crazy! Those videos are hilarious!! had a baby at home? Yikes!!

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