Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is how the locals DO IT!

No, and I don't mean sex.


I mean swimming! Enjoying the pool and all it has to offer.

We've grown bored of the YMCA pool. Is that bad?

Since we were bored of the local pools, we decided to hit the hotel pools instead. They're more fun, anyway. Remember when we crashed The Golden Nugget pool? That was fun!

This year, we've put our sites on the best pool on the Las Vegas strip. Can you guess where that is?

Mandalay Bay, of course.

The hotel is REALLY strict about who they let in, because if they weren't, the whole city would be there.

The place has a HUGE wave pool, with a music stage in the shallow part- the hubs and I saw Tears for Fears on that stage a few years ago and it was incredible. In addition to the wave pool, there are four more pools surrounding the big one. There's also a lazy river nearby! Lazy is not the right word for it, though. It's more like "Bumper car inner tubes in really fast-moving water."

Seriously, the current is so strong my 5 year old couldn't even hold himself against it! We'd have to hold onto him because if we didn't, the current would pull him away.

Nice! Safety first, people! Yuk yuk yuk.

Not only that but, if you don't have a inner tube for yourself in the lazy river, your head is constantly getting bumped and smashed by kids on inner tubes screaming "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!"

Yea, watch out, you little fuckers. Quit bumping into me. I'm trying to be "lazy" here.
My kids had a blast, and there were lots of friendly visitors for me to talk to. If you hadn't noticed already, I'm a big time people person. I love to talk to random people wherever I go. And this day, like many others, we got the famous question....

"Where are ya from!?"

Ummmmm, here.

That's when we get the glazed over, totally shocked look.

Mostly, I sat by the pool and sipped my pina coladas while the hubs and kids made a pass every few minutes in the lazy river. That's what housewives are supposed to do, right? The views were spectacular, and I had one of those rare moments where I tell myself...

"I cant believe I actually live here."
Oh, and did I mention it was 117 degrees that day?


Gretchen said...

Now THAT looks like a good day. So, how did you get in???? Do you have to pay for a room or do they allow you to just enter the pool area?

I too love to talk to people wherever I go...much to the chagrin of my children. They think I'm weird, they are probably right.

Monica said...

Fantastic! Wish I could have been there to enjoy with you guys :)

Nicole said...

Yeah, how did you get in???

Looks like a fun day. Do you remember Lori from sidepocket? I went to her party tonight. It was the first time I had seen her in like 12 years. It was fun to catch up and visit.

Lizzie said...

teach me your ways oh hotel pool crasher!!!

it was a cool 101 yesterday WOOHOO, the 117's will be back in a few days though :(

nope said...

Ah, I freaking wish we had places like that around here in god blessed NJ! Well - I guess if I want to head down to AC - but then I actually have to stay in a Hotel - totally not worth it. I would be right there with ya sista friend talking up the folks!

PorkStar said...

117, no freaking way...

Nothing beats the 85 degrees AND lower in NYC.... : )

And tons of rain too

TTownDiva said...

I love that picture! Ava looks adorable copying her mamma.

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