Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Housewife's California Vacation '09

We had a great summer vacation, although it was a little stressful at times. You know when you travel with young kids, you almost need a vacation from your vacation? Yea, it was kinda like that. But we made the best of things and enjoyed a week full of beaches, yummy food and cooler weather.

My parents are such hippies....but I love them anyway. This picture makes me think we just need some reefer and a bonfire and we'd be all set!

Here my folks are (with Jack) relaxing on the beach on the 4th of July. We hung out all day, ate sandy KFC and watched the fireworks- which were amazing. My kids loved them and Ava wasn't scared at all! I've got a fearless one on my hands. Gulp.

The hubs and I rented this little bike thingie one day and strapped the kids in the back. We rode along the beach boardwalk and this was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Why? The kids LOVED it, and they sat next to each other for a full hour... without fighting. Hallelujah. Where do I buy one of these suckers?

We took a trip to the zoo, since the zoo in Las Vegas is totally pathetic and sad. The Santa Barbara Zoo has wonderful exhibits and fantastic views of the CA country and even a few ocean views if you know where to look. We go every year and always enjoy ourselves. It's the first zoo I've been to that has great food, too!

Since the hubs had the week off, he decided to grow a beard. It's cute. Scratchy and itchy, but totally cute. He's turning 40 next year so he better enjoy that brown hair before it turns white.
My mom, god bless her, drives me a little nutty sometimes....I'm sure she's just paying me back for all the bullshit I put her through as a teenager. Anyway, we work really hard to enjoy each other's company, and if I'm lucky, she'll let me take her picture. I try to get ones of her and Ava together as much as I can, since having 3 generations of women together hasn't been possible in our family for many years. My mom's mom died when she was four, and her mother's mother died very young, too. Believe it or not - I've thanked my mom several times for staying alive this long. It means a lot. So thanks mom for not dying. I'm such a sweet daughter, aren't I? She understands and that's all that matters.

One of the highlights of the trip for The Housewife was that I discovered Pinkberry. Screw the trendy crap you hear about them....because it really is GOOD. Better than good. Scrumptious. Fresh. Healthy. Sweet, but not too sweet. I love it- with milk chocolate shavings and strawberries.
Bummer there isn't one in Vegas, because I'd move into the store.


Nicole said...

That bike is totally cool! I can see my kids having a blast a giggling till they pee themselves.

Pinkberry huh? Looks very yummy.

Michelle said...

Last time I was in LA I wanted to try Pinkberry but it had crazy lines and lots of hype. Maybe next time.

Looks like a fun vacation!

VegasVeniceDude said...

"My parents are such hippies." That's hilarious. Loved the shot of them by the beach.

Is that Venice/Santa Monica?

Big Red said...

Pinkberry! Love it! Just went to our first one when we were in Long Beach. Your vacation sounds like it was fantastic!

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

AWW! I sooo miss LA. Just relocated from there...Sounds like you had a ball!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Looks like a lovely week!!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Wait, is Jack flipping off the camera in the bike photo? LOL!

Lizzie said...

yum! i want some frozen yogurt!!! love your parents "hippy picture" :) glad you had a good time.

Tasha said...

Yea! Jack is totally flipping off the camera! Fuck you, mom!

Okay, not really...he's snapping. LOL! He just learned how to, so now he does it freakin all day.

Gretchen said...

The pastor of our church once said that a trip with kids is NOT a vacation, it's a family outing at a really cool destination.

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