Monday, July 13, 2009

The Housewife's awkward moment

Forgive the airplane noise at the beginning. Gotta love the Airforce...

Yes my hair is brown. I know you dont like it so you dont have to say anything.

Watch the video for a good laugh at The Housewife.

What would YOU do?


melissa said...

I wouldn't have insisted, it happens to everyone. You offered, she declined so that's that!

Sounds like picking up your son is fun (not!).

MamabearMills said...

i think it totally depends on what kind of car it is! i know that a car is a car, but if it was dumpy, then im sure it just blended in! lol. if she said no, then why you trippin'? ha

PorkStar said...

I think as courtesy yes, it's a good idea to offer to pay, but.. it was an accident and it's not like you were playing around. So it was good thing she understood.

love the hair btw

The Mom Jen said...

LADY! Hilarious. YOu did everything you could, she declined, you're good. You're not required to beg.

You look FABULOUS! ;)

TTownDiva said...

You OFFERED to pay and I think that is all your are required to do. I know it sucks. I am quilty of doing the same thing before. I did it to Kevin's car :( He forgave me, but I felt awful. I didn't pay for his either. Door dings are just a part of life. If you had backed into her that would be a different story.

Matt said...
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Unknown said...

Ouch! What a day! *grimace* I, too, would say that if she declines, then that's that!

Cathie said...

YOu offered she declined. I love your whispering!

I was at a grocery store and here in IL we get wind as well. Well Demi, was a baby-like a year old-and I was too putting her in the backseat and my door hit another car, but the owner was in it. Well this owner got out of the car, bent down to look at her door and said some curse words to me about her car, I said sorry, I was putting my baby in the car and she said I don't give a flying (curse word) if you were putting your baby in car you need to watch your door. I told her to back to F off of me or I would do more damage to her car. Hello a teeny tiny door ding does not deserve rude attitude and cursing.

Michelle said...

Nope. You did the right thing, said sorry and offered your phone number.

I was on the other side of this a few weeks back. No wind just rude woman who her not her kid slammed her door into my car while I am sitting it in with my windows down and not even a sorry. I probably shouldn't have but I yelled out the window at her. My car is a 2004 Accord but I have 3 kids it is no longer "nice" but what the hell is she teaching her kids. Damage other peoples property and pretend it didn't happen, even when they are right there to watch you do it. I was so pissed. I didn't even want her number, a simple sorry would do. People without manners make me crazy though.

headbitingprincess said...

Oh my darling dear ..
... first you still look beautiful as ever :)

B: STOP right this instant ( if you havent already yet ) stop feeling guilty !!!
The issue is already in the past and if the woman wanted you to pay believe me you ! she would not have let you leave !!

As owner of a so called nice car
( 05 Bmw ) had i been in the shoes of the other 'Lady' *snickers*
for real i would -not- have let u pay either.. shyt happens ..
and if i ever!!! so obsess over my car then knock me off my block !!!
maybe in the heat of the moment i would be a sliver upset .. but really ?? i would never have been rude about it or shown i was ..

The Peach Tart said...

I agree. You offered to pay and she declined after being a bitch at first. You're looking pretty damn good for 112 degree weather.

Gretchen said...

SHEESH Lady! HAHAHA...well, it's always windy here in OK too. That happens alot around here. I am always telling my kids to watch the doors! You offered to pay and if she declined, then I say you are totally off the hook. And, well, since what I say pretty much goes, fuhget about it.

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