Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep Thoughts - girl crushes

I wonder if a day will come when I don't poke my eyeball when I'm putting on mascara. I seem to do it every.... single.... day. So I poke myself, and then I get mascara all over my bottom lashes (and below). I hate that. I used to get made fun of in high school because I'd get mascara in my bangs....because I'm cool like that.

I guess I need a lesson in mascara application?

The hubs and I went bowling last weekend with our couple friends, and my girls and I were talking about our "girl crushes."

Mine is Megan Fox. I'm also partial to Sophia Bush. I guess I like those dark brunettes.

One of my girlfriends said hers is the brunette from the show, House (I still don't know who that is).

Every woman has a girl crush, right? Who's yours?


Brittany said...

I have a few: Kristin Wiig from SNL, Jennifer Anniston, and Katherine Heigl. They each satisfy a different need. LOL!

The Mom Jen said...

Mine is Evangeline Lily from Lost...and hubby likes Tina Fey for the record! ;)

Merrie said...

Claire Danes, hands down. Just always liked her!

Nicole said...

I hate it when I sneeze while putting my mascara on!

Hmmmm, I'd say it's between Angelina or Megan. What I wouldnt give to look remotely like either of them! Or have their checking accounts.......

Mrs. Jeremy said...

My girl crush from House: Olivia Wilde. :)

TTownDiva said...

Megan Fox is HOT. I also have a crush on J.LO and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Cathie said...

Oliva Wilde is Number 13 and she is Maxim's Number 1 Hottest female for 2009.....don't ask me how I know that (cough cough Jason the husband cough cough)

I think Scarlett Johanseen (spelling) and Kate Beckingsale are cuties

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