Friday, July 31, 2009

Conversations with Jack

It's an exciting time in my little boy's life.

He's about to start first grade. Elementary school....for the realz! He's jabbering about it constantly..."mom, when I'm in first grade..."

He's made the long journey of baby, to toddler, to little boy to....first grader. But for some reason, the kid still SUCKS at getting ready for school.
Here's how our day goes, almost every day.

Me - Jack, you need to put your shoes on and get your backpack. We have to motor in ten minutes.

Jack - OKAY, mom. You don't need to tell me that EVERY DAY! I know what to do!

Me - *sigh* Okay whatevs.

15 minutes goes by........................

Me - Jack? Do you have your shoes on?

Jack - No.

Me - Why not? We gotta go!

Jack - MOM! You didn't give me enough time! Why didn't you tell me earlier that this!!!!??

Me - Ummm, I did....15 minutes ago. Hurry up, we're going to be late.

Jack - I cant do everything by myself!!! I need you to tell me things! I cant remember everything by myself!!

5 minutes later.......

Me - Do you have your backpack?

Jack - No!

Me - And why not?

Jack - I'm still getting my shoes on!

Me - (swears under my breath...for the love of god....)


Nicole said...

Sounds like my day times 3! Shay is going into 4th grade and still cant get himself ready for school with out me telling him the same thing 10 times in a half hour. Really frustrates me!!!!!!

Christy said...

You just made me feel so much better. My 7 year old does the EXACT same thing. The routine never changes and then come Friday when I yell at her for mot getting dressed I hear, "I didn't know I had to." Excuse me???? I get snippy answers if I remind her too much, but if I don't request every 5 seconds for her to do something I hear that I didn't tell her so it's instantly my fault. Hopefully one day she'll learn...a girl can dream, right?

Mrs. Jeremy said...

DITTO!!!! It's like you broke into our house and spied on our morning routine...

Kiki said...

hmmm, i guess it's genetic...
payback is hell, isn't it?

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