Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy foodie week for The Housewife

It's going to be a busy week for the Housewife!

I've been invited to review a brand, spanking-new restaurant called Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar. The owners describe their menu as "comfort food with a touch of sophistication."

Ummm, YUM!

The place boasts 252 different martinis. That's a lot of ingredients, bartenders!

Be still my heart.

I've been encouraged to bring my own martini glass - they'll serve me whatever I wish, and then I'll leave my glass there (to be displayed) until my next visit. Super cool idea, if you ask me.

Also this week is the charity even called Taste of the Nation at Hard Rock, hosted by Share Our Strength. Share Our Strength is an organization that works really hard to feed every child in America, and to never leave any kid hungry.

Want tickets? 100% of the proceeds go to feeding children....and you'll get to sample some of the best food and wine that Las Vegas has to offer. How can you go wrong with that, people?

Click here to get tickets for Taste of the Nation!

Stay tuned for all the yummy details (and pictures) of my review of Elements Kitchen and Martini Bar AND Taste of the Nation, Las Vegas.


Rita Templeton said...

I'm soooo jealous! I used to write a monthly column for So Vegas! magazine (now out of print) called Hotspot ... I reviewed new nightclubs and stuff but my absolute FAVORITE assignments were the restaurants! Becker's, Spiedini, Vintner Grill ... mmmm ... best job EVER! Enjoy it, girl! :)

Nicole said...

Ooooh that sounds like fun!

PorkStar said...

Martinis, OH my...! I love girlie drinks... so freaking totally!

Lizzie said...

sounds like you are a busy lady!!! hope you have a great week :)

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