Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update on my puddy tat, Nemo

Nemo is slowly but surely getting better. He lost a whopping 6 pounds while he was sick- it
makes me feel terrible thinking about it.
I should have caught it sooner! I'm such a bad cat mom. In this picture, he looks incredibly thin and pathetic- totally NOT like his normal self. *sniff*
The vet (whom I've become fairly close with since I talk to her multiple times a day- ha!) said that his blood work came back looking great. That's a relief! No cancer. No long-term problems. Nemo just quit eating...why? We'll never know.
He's been on a feeding tube since he came home from the kitty intensive care. Which means I have to mush up some canned food and force it through a little syringe FIVE times a day.


It sucks. My fingers are sore from forcing the food through this little, tiny tube. The vet says I should do this for another four weeks. Fuck! But hell, It's my kitty and I'd do just about anything to make him better. Nemo deserves it. I'm just relieved he's a fighter!

By the way, the vet bill is up to $1600.
Here's the feeding tube. The vet calls the part at the end a "christmas tree." Sweet. Merry fucking christmas.

Check this nastiness out- the tube is sewn into his neck, and I can feel that it runs down through his esophagus. So the tube comes out of his neck, and then is sewn around his back to stay in place. It's disgusting, and I feel terrible for poor Nemo because I can tell it's very itchy. But it's the feeding tube or death at this point.

I'll take the tube.

Thank you to everyone for your support and love. I'm deeply grateful for the comments and prayers from all my kitty-loving friends and family.

Nemo will recover. It will just take some time.


Quill and Greyson said...

Poor sweet Nemo! Headbutts and purrs for a quick recovery. You're very lucky!


Nicole said...

Oh that looks/sounds miserable! Poor Nemo. I hope he gets better soon. I hope you live thru it and can pay off that lovely bill!

TTownDiva said...

Poor Nemo. Give him lots of loving from me. I can't believe he just stopped eating for no reason. I've never heard of that.

Cathie said...

Oh no poor Nemo. Cute kitty. We can't own cats-Demi is deathly allergic.

You are a good kitty mommy feeding him 5 times a day!

Mrs. Jeremy said...

holy crap, he looks like half of his former self. Poor guy!! Hang in there! Here's hoping he bounces back quickly.

Miss Yvonne said...

Awwww, poor skinny Nemo!

You just gotta love cats...he stops eating for no medical reason and you are out $1600 and have to feed him through a tube. Mine better not ever pull that shit. LOL

MamabearMills said...

I wish everyone took such good care of their pets! Kuddos to you!

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