Thursday, May 21, 2009

My girlfriend is in town....hym, what to do?

One of my best gal pals, Nicole over at Sanity check, one two..., was in town for a bachelorette party last weekend, and asked The Housewife for a little *help* in planning one of the girls' nights out.

Hymmmm, WHAT is there to do in this town?

Dinner and a big old, 100-oz tap of beer to start the night out right.....CHECK.

Take the girls up to the Foundation Room for a little R&R and to show them the one of the best views on the strip....CHECK.

Isn't the view perty? Remind me to tell you about the tool (that's my slang for idiot) we met at the Foundation Room that admitted the he and his boys had hired escorts to take with them to the clubs that weekend. Seriously- who does that!? Losers! AND they paid $1000 for these chicks. What if one of them got an ugly girl?


Have a little fun on the way out of the Foundation Room.....CHECK.

The girls were feeling a little tired from their trip out here (tired?! there's no tired in Vegas!). Idea! Buy a round of shots for everyone- a blow job for the bride-to-be......CHECK.

Make friends with the coolest people around; the cage go-go dancers......

....and the T-girls at the end of the bar. CHECK! (can you guess what the 'T' stands for?)
Meet Billie, Lucy, Roz, Cayla and Marcia! Let me tell ya, they were AWESOME! You all know me- I love talking to anyone and everyone, and right when I saw these ladies stroll in, I knew I had to go up and say hi. Those bitches have better legs than I do!

I had a fun night, and I think everyone else did, too. I was even home by midnight. I swear I need to start my own business doing this...


Michelle said...

Looks like fun!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Sucks to live in Vegas, huh?

Caz Wilson said...

You do know how to host a bachelorette party don't ya! Looks awesome!


Mrs. Jeremy said...


PorkStar said...

I see a big T!

PorkStar said...

Bring her to NY! lol

PorkStar said...

Not the T, i mean the friend...!

Nicole said...

LOL, I dont know about you, but we could have had A LOT more fun if it had been just the two of us!!!! Thanks for showing us (I mean me) a good time. Next time it's you and me!!!! Love ya, hope to see you soon. Sorry the girls were so lame.

Debbie said...

Wow. You know how to have a fun night on the town.

Mr. Mcknob said...

Good times!

"T" girls. LOL

I wanna go back to Vegas. I was only there once for 2 days and that just is not enough time to do anything.

Mack said...

Loved Reading Your Blog
Thanks for Sharing the Information

Thanks & Regards

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