Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doncha love?

Doncha love the kid's shows that have characters that CANT FREAKING SING on them? Strawberry Shortcake, for the love of Pete, please make some friends that can sing. You're making my ears bleed, but I cant burn your DVDs because my daughter loves you.

Doncha love when kid's shows say things that are totally inappropriate....if you have a dirty mind. Like today, there was some show on that was saying "toss the salad!" (giggle) "toss the salad!" (giggle) "I tossed the salad!" (giggle...who writes this shit, anyway?)

Doncha love when you cough on your own spit?

Doncha love when you have to have a 30-minute long conversation with your 5 year old son about the naked baby swimming on the Nirvana album cover? Seriously. How long do we have to talk about why the baby's naked, how he learned how to hold his breath...when he's just a baby, why he's swimming, why he's going for the money, where his mom is, why did his mom drop money into the pool, where's his dad, is it a boy or a girl.......?

Where's my Zoloft?

Doncha love it when your mom calls, only to get upset or caught up on something else, and hangs up on you? Hey....YOU called ME, mom. Sheesh.

Doncha love it when you forget to pull something for dinner?

Doncha love it when you cant get out the school parking lot to save your life because the other asshole parents wont let you in?

That was just today. The joys of a housewife. Gotta love it.

Anyways......I'm done now.


Michelle said...

Sounds like my life LOL!

Cathie said...

Time to toss the salad is not something I would ever partake unless you literally mean toss the salad!

The rest is my everyday life! Ain't it grand?

Valerie said...

"toss the salad" - really? haha that cracks me up!!

I also have a dirty mind and I love it when stuff like that comes up.

TTownDiva said...

The Nirvana baby cover made me laugh out loud. So funny.

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