Monday, April 6, 2009

Winners and awards!

I will be randomly picking 2 winners for my 1 year bloggie anniversary giveaway within the next 24 hours. Are you feeling lucky? I'm tellin ya- this autographed book I'm giving away will be worth some money someday...have I ever lied to you? Never! I tell it like it is. So trust me, dahling.

Also, I've created some brand-spanking-new bloggie awards. They aren't recycled. I brainstormed them all by myself, with some help from Toni at Snips of Sugar, and they're a bit..... hairy.

Yes, I said hairy.

Now the question is....who's going to get a hairy award?

Would you expect me to think of anything less offensive?



Cathie said...

Tasha, you crack me up! I like hairy awards. How hairy are we talking here?

Nicole said...

Hairy huh, I cant wait to see!

Lizzie said...

a hairy award? is this because i haven't shaved my legs form winter hiding yet? OK FINE... i guess i'll have to do that soon :)

The Mom Jen said...

I have the hairiest hubby, seriously part sasquatch!..anyway...can't wait

Debbie said...

A hairy award? Now that sounds like fun.

Miss Yvonne said...

Wait, we can create our own bloggy awards? I thought those things came from like the head blog guy....or something.

PorkStar said...

what about some of us that shave or wax.. are we still eligible?

TMI?.. nah...

: )

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