Thursday, April 9, 2009

What? You dont trust me?

Soooooo, now that my blog's traffic has really started to pick up, I'm finding that I have to sort of *censor* my writing.

Now where's the fun in that?

Blogs are supposed to tell you the juicy stuff, right?

Like the time a friend threw up on the dinner table.....heehee. Yes, this really happened.

Or the time my husband and I had a bit of a"conflict" over one of my blogs.....

Or the instance that I read a certain blog and thought "I cannot STAND this person..."

But see, I cant tell you these great stories. At least not right now. You'll just have to grin and bear it.

I'm still working on my hairy awards. I'm putting lots of thought into them, and right now, I don't get much thinking time so it's slow going. On top of that, my baby brother is bringing his brand new girlfriend to Vegas for a weekend visit. (((I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation!)))) I can hardly wait to find out what she's all about. My brother already told me to go easy, and not give her the 3rd degree. Which means I need to do exactly that. I'm turning the game of 20 questions into 200 questions. I've already started my list. My brother's going to love it - not!

What are big sisters for, after all? He spent his younger years torturing me and making my life hell, and now it's my turn.

Payback's a bitch. But it's payback in the most loving way! You understand. The best part? My brother doesn't read my blog... so I get let it all out on The Housewife Diaires for you lovely people to read!

Do you hear my evil cackling?

I bet you can hardly stand the suspense.

It should be an interesting weekend. I'll be drilling my possible, future sister-in-law, eating lots of chocolate I stole from my kid's Easter basket, and praising Jesus. Amen, bitches!

In the meantime, to keep you sluts occupied, click here to see some really beautiful pictures of Las Vegas.


Monica said...

good luck to his girlfriend! Have a great time :)

Jill said...

You crack me up, Tasha. Have fun.

PorkStar said...

LMAO, you are too funny... happy easter.

Nicole said...

Oooh a new girlfriend huh?! Good for him. I cant wait to hear about her and how your brother is doing! Have a wonderful Easter.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Possible future sister in law? Jeez, slow down! :P Have fun torturing your pfsin. evil!

Mommy, That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out said...

New girlfriend for a brother--- a post practically made in heaven!! I can't wait to read all about it! You are a funny Mama!

Quill and Greyson said...

Dish Dish, maybe you'll get even more traffic!


Big Red said...

What's all this crap about censoring your blog??? Censor for no one!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Blogs are supposed to be juicy--don't let the increased traffic censor you! I like to hear every detail!

Have fun with your brother!

Caz Wilson said...

The bro's girlfriend does sound interesting but I'm dying to know who's blog you read and "thought 'I cannot STAND this person'..." ??

As a side note I can't seem to get the link at the end of your last blog to work... you know if you put something with the words "pics" and "Vegas" I'm gonna click!

Tasha said...

Oops! Picture link is fixed now! Thanks for the heads up, Jazzy! :)

Frantic Holly said...

Hope the new girlfriend lasts through the weekend. And why censor yourself? As long as your not saying you're going to do bodily harm to anyone let it fly!

Lizzie said...

no censoring. don't do it!!! have fun grilling the new chicky :)

Merrie said...

My brother doesn't read my blog either, I don't think, so I've got free reign. I hope it went well -- did you like her? I rarely like my brother's girlfriends, and as soon as I do, they break up. They call me the kiss of death in my family.

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