Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Visit to Crapplebee's

I (Tasha's husband) am not normally one to put it all out there and blog about the things that I find funny, annoying, or anecdotal, but today's visit to Applebee's could not go without commentary or examination. Having put myself through school by working in restaurants, I have an intimate understanding what it takes to run a joint like this. My sister Sara and wife Tasha also know quite well what makes the difference between a great experience and a mediocre visit to a "neighborhood" eatery.
Driving around this afternoon, looking for a place to eat with the kids, I decided it would be a great idea to pull over and eat at Applebee's. Tasha and I last visited this concept 5 years ago. I think we shared a rib basket and some other piece of garbage entree. We decided right then we would never return. Well, we decided to give it another run and see if things have changed. And my have they changed.......for the worse!!
We sit down, the girls visit the restroom and I give some crayons to Jack. We are there for 12 seconds before the waiter bounces over and asks if we are ready to order. Ready to order?? My ass is still half off the seat and you are asking me if we are ready to order? Do my wife and daughter get a say in what they want to eat?
So we look over the menu and decide on 4 bland entrees; some chicken fajita wrap type of thing for me, a turkey sandwich and a beer for Tasha, a kid's cheeseburger and a kid's mac and cheese. Sounds great right???? blech!!!
A box of Kraft macaroni and cheese costs 23 cents at our local grocery store. Ava received a large portion of this exact thing, which cost them about 11.5 cents to make. So the food cost on this item is about 3%. Mind you most restaurants shoot for under 30%, so they make out quite well on the deal. But KRAFT mac and cheese for Christ's sake??? I can make that with my eyes closed at home. The other 3 entrees were fine, but that was ridiculous. The waiter comes over and asks the obligatory " everything alright?" (By the way, I hate when servers ask "Is everything grrrreeeeaat?") My answer was "Seriously, Kraft macaroni and cheese? Don't you think y'all could have done a little better than that?" Even Ava, who would eat a tire if she were hungry enough, wouldn't touch it.
After our meal, we had the standard charge for something we did not order. I asked the manager, who came right out of Office Space's Chotchkies (pieces of flare, bad tie and all), to remove the charge, which he did.
On the way out with Ava, I was asked the standard "How was everything?" question. My answer was "average." "Oh really?" "Yes, really average."
Tasha and Jack follow a couple of minutes later and the hosts we goofing off and talking to one another. Of course, they don't open the door for them.
All in all, we have had worse experiences at other places. For some reason, this place just ticks me off though. Applebee's seems to be content to offer a bland, ordinary experience. That is why The Housewife and I will no longer allow ourselves to spend a dime at this tired and dying chain restaurant chain. No wonder the place was half empty.


Nicole said...

Amen! I think Applebees is disgusting. I havent been in about 5 years and I dont plan on going again. Especially now :)
How was the Rockies Game? Looked really windy (B and I were watching).

Cathie said...

I couldn't agree more! I hate Applebees. YUCK to the max.

Monica said...

I totally agree! We went there 2 days ago (not sure why we thought it would be a good idea) but we went and it was awful!

I asked if I could get the mac n cheese without the cheese (for my little guy) and was told they couldn't do that. So I had to order a regular sized dish of pasta for my 4yo son. Why can't they keep the cheese off? Must be because it was cooked a while ago and is just sitting back there for hours waiting to be eaten. shivers

MamabearMills said...

Applebee's used to be so fun to go to in high school! And I have to add that Fudruckers has awesome quality and service! They rock!

A Christian Mom said...

Must be the area that you all live in, because Fuddruckers sucks here & there isn't an Applebee's that's not busy. The service and food have always been great when we go.

Fuddruckers, on the other hand, is nasty. I haven't been in over 10 yrs, don't plan to go back. The food was so greasy, as was the floor, and the condiments station was a mess.

Lizzie said...

i hate hat ehate applesbees. we went a few times. and the last time (about 4 years ago) my arm actually stuck to the table because it was so sticky with who knows what... that was it. i was outta there!

erin said...

We have boycotted all chain restaurants after horrible experiences at everyone of them. TGIFridays, Applebees, Chilis, etc...etc...
The food is always overcooked and incredibly salty, it's overpriced and the waitstaff always seems pissy. So take that Crapplebees!

TTownDiva said...

Thanks bro! They are our biggest competitors, so you are helping me out. I so wish you all could come eat at my restaurant so I could make sure you all got the service you so deserve!! I spoil Tiff all the time.

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