Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Music? Yes, please.

The Pet Shop Boys AND Depeche Mode both released new albums this month?

Be still my beating heart.
Sometimes I swear I could be a gay man in a woman's body. Except I'd be a gay man that likes big boobs...

So I forgot to tell you that March of Dimes is hosting their March For Babies in Las Vegas this Saturday, and I'm a lucky girl to have been invited to cover it. I know a lot of gals all over the country that are participating in this, and it's all to help premature babies. It should be an amazing morning- I'm really looking forward to it. So stay tuned for lots of photos, interviews from the participants and pictures!

Live in Las Vegas and want to march, too? There's still time to register!


Nicole said...

I know how much you love Depeche Mode!
To answer your question, yes that is new ink on B's arm. He got it last week. Go check out my post from a few days ago and there is a better picture of it.
See you in about 3 weeks!

September said...

Ooh, I'd missed this, thanks for the heads up. I *heart* DM (though it made me feel like a bad, bad person when "Personal Jesus" was on and Bronte made a comment about it being a church song).

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