Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's show off our stickers!

You know the new-ish trend on family cars right now is the stick figure decals for each member of your family? They even have ones for pets. While I think this is a cute idea, seeing some of these on other people's cars totally stress me out.

Let me explain.

Did you know that Las Vegas has the largest population of Mormons - outside of Utah - in the nation. If you know anything about their faith, Las Vegas and the Mormon faith is kind of an oxymoron if you ask me but, whatevs.

While I have absolutely NO judgement towards Mormons in general (they are some of the nicest people!), and I'm fascinated by the religion (I've read all the books and never miss an epi of Big Love), I don't think I could ever BE a Mormon. Why? Because they're supposed to have kids......LOTS of kids. It's not uncommon for my hubby and me, while out and about in the Las Vegas burbs, to see huge families- with 7 or 8 kids behind the parents (that were obviously born one right after the other...after the other). Wow.

Anyway, back to the family car I still have you?

I pick my boy up from kindergarten every day, and usually we get stuck in the parking lot traffic jam. Sweet. Sometimes I'll get behind this big, dark SUV, and on the back window are the decals of their family.

OMG. The stickers take up the ENTIRE...back...window.

I don't even know how many freakin kids they have -- I haven't actually counted. I see allthose stickers, start to hyperventilate and have to look away.

"Jack! Get the paper bag! Mommy is starting to hyperventilate again!"

Seriously, I think they have like seven kids...and two dogs...and maybe a cat...or something. The stickers are all there.


God bless those big families the hell do they do it?




Or are they just functioning insane? I've been there.

I don't get it. I couldn't get it if I tried. I understand that some parents want big families, but it's just not my thing. My two babies are enough - and sometimes more than enough. My husband had the snippy snip when our daughter was 6 months old. We knew we were done.

So while these stickers are cute and all, those Mormons really need to think about us small-family folks because they could cause an accident.


Miss Yvonne said...

Those stickers annoy me. Probably because I have never been cute and perky enough to think it was a good idea.

How do those Mormon families pay for all those kids???

Nicole said...

I want more kids.
The hubby and I have talked about adopting but we need a bigger house.
Hmmm, I guess we wont be adopting any time soon.
Crap. Oh well.

Merrie said...

I'm reading you from home -- you know, because of the porn and all.

What's worse is the pictures with names underneath them. And what if a pet dies? Do you replace the animal so that your stickers remain current, or do you peel off the sticker? Hey, I know...we should start selling angel wing decals that they could add. We could make a fortune!

MamabearMills said...

OMG i hate these things! ill have to take a picture of my neighbors stickers cuz they have a lil twist in their's. i want to see a car with only one family member on it! Just some single dad with a boy sticker on the car! hahahhaah

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

My sister has SEVEN kids...and she's not Mormon..or Catholic. I know.... I know. For the record, I only have two! (Funny that I have two, as one seems to be my limit... HA!)

Gretchen said...

As if your cool factor isn't significantly lowered by driving the mom car, adding stickers to that thing just SCREAMS mom jeans!

Phat Mama said...

I noticed a Suburban the other day at Wal-Hell with those same window decals.

I couldn't help but visually follow down the line of the family.

Dad & Mom, teenager, another teen, preteen, twins?, child, infant, dog, cat, fish..


And all I could think was..

Do they have a fish or is that a religious symbol?

Freakin' catholics, they just got to have it all. Including Jesus, staying at their crib.

erin said...

Those stick-people with some human characteristics bug the crap out of me. Maybe because (and this is our secret) I've tried to make then for my family tons of times and I always turn out looking like a freak. I don't want to be the freak smack in the middle of a line up of perfect looking stick caricatures.

Gini said...

This reminds me of a sticker on the back of the family van of a girlfriend of mine....and I believe they are Mormon as well...tee hee. It was a funny one though.

It was labeled The Ass Family. And then underneath was Dumb, Smart, Wise, so on and so forth. I was hysterical.

PorkStar said...

Financially how can they do it? and then think about sending them all to college in the future? ....

KT said...

I have to fess up. I had about 5 minutes where I thought those were cute. Thank GOD those five minutes passed.

Jill said...

I've only seen those stickers on return labels on christmas cards. GAG ME WITH A SPOON.

Kate said...

It just occurred to me that that sticker could be on my car, except for the cat...I hate cats. We have two dogs. We currently have two boys and another baby on the way. OMG, we are becoming THAT family. I am still thinking, WTF??, we are having another baby. What the hell were we thinking?

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

LOL Shawnas on her 4th .. and loves big Love .....I have 3 and a nightly Vodka cocktail.

MommaD said...

i have four boys. and a hubby. and a dog and a cat. i had a shirt designed when i was pregnant with the fourth...yes, it's another boy and No we aren't having anymore. that being said, the answer is zoloft...

Anonymous said...

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