Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back, feeling refreshed and ready go. I figure this feeling should last for awhile.... at least until dinner time!

Lots going on this week. I still have some pictures to share from the wedding I went to a few weeks back- you'll like those.

Also, the 2009 Epicurean Affair is THIS THURSDAY. Oh my god! I'm so excited I could pee. Note to self: dont pee in my pants when I get there.....

So stay tuned for all the details and lots of pictures. If you're a local and want to attend the event, click here to get your tickets! Maybe I'll even see you there...

Let's see, what else? My daughter seems to have improved her speech overnight (or at least while I was gone). How does she do that? Amazing.

Stay tuned for lots of fun blogs in the coming weeks, people. It's good to be back!


Big Red said...

Glad you are back. I missed you! Want updates on everything that's gone on. From your brother to the events of this last weekend.

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Glad to hear you sounding so chipper! Welcome back, we missed you :) xoxox

PorkStar said...

yay, where were you again?

jk and wb.

: )
pd: sorry, too lazy to type full words.

TTownDiva said...

After I read this I had to watch videos of Ava talking. I wanted to hear, "Bi Fah Buh" and "Sweeping booty bear."

Tasha said...

Haha, Sara I'm totally cracking up over sweeping booty bear. So true!

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