Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Conversations with Ava

You all know the crazy conversations I have with my husband, aka DH, but here's one I have with my daughter almost on a daily basis.

Ava: Mom, why are you turning this way? Mom? Why you turning this way, mom? Mom?

Me: Because this is the way home.

Ava: Why?

Me: Why what?

Ava: Why is this the way home, mom?

Me: Because this is where we live. Don't you want to go to our house?

Ava: Yea, mom. Why are you turning, mom?

(Are you getting the idea that Ava likes to say "mom" every third word?)

Me: I just told you. To go home.

Ava: Why we goin home, mom?

(This is where I have to think of something really clever to tell her so she'll stop asking redundant questions)

Me: Because.

Ava: Oh.

Sigh of relief. I think I satisfied her for today! I just love those quality conversations with my 3-year-old.


The Mom Jen said...

I love it, sounds just like K. Convos that go nowhere is what I call them, LOL!

Kacey said...

I have conversations like that all the time with Adrian! It's even worse when I'm driving. Not only does he ask incessant questions, but he tells me how to drive. "Go that way, Mommy!" "Stop, Mommy!" "No, Mommy - GO!" Ugh.

Rita Templeton said...

Sounds so familiar! My three-year-old, Colin, is into pretending to drive lately - and he'll say, "Mommy, steer where I steer!" and then gets mad when I don't literally turn the wheel of the Jeep in some random crazy direction, LOL. :)

Michelle said...

LOL! Don't you love the never ending questions. I am glad I am past that stage. When my kids ask silly questions I always answer with a really silly answer so they stop and realize their question is ridiculous.

Valerie said...

hahaha!! When I worked with kids in college they always asked "why?"

Mrs. Jeremy said...

Now mine says "'Because' is not an acceptable answer". I may ship her to Australia when she turns 11.

Frantic Holly said...

Could be worse. Every time we go out Charlie repeatedly asks the same two questions: Mom I go Mimi and Poppop's now? Mom, I go Dawn's house? Over and over and over.

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