Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bellagio in the spring time

We try to visit the Bellagio flower gardens every season, usually on a Sunday morning. I've been calling it "church" for awhile now...."Come on, kids! Let's go to church!"

This season the gardens had a very simple, clean design. There was even a butterfly greenhouse in the back!


Nicole said...

How pretty! I'm so excited to go. How is the weather? Will it be pretty warm in 3 weeks???

MamabearMills said...

That first comment is HILARIOUS!! Warm in 3 weeks?!?!?! You will melt your ass off here in 3 weeks! hahahhah. It's called making scrambeled eggs on the driveway-kinda-warm! LOL. Last pic is great. I love going to see the flowers there.

Miss Yvonne said...

Oh I love the Bellagio. We stayed there on our first anniversary and there was a down comforter and curtains that had a remote control in our room. Remote control!! And we watched the fountains every night from our window before heading out to gamble our kid's college fund away.

Black Cat said...

How beautiful!

Is your kitty better now and did the vets find out the cause?

Michelle said...

I love the flower garden in the Bellagio!

Tasha said...

Aww, thank you Black Cat for being concerned about my kitty, Nemo!

He is home. Slowly getting better. Slowly being the key word. :(

I'll post an blog update on him (with pics) soon.

Thanks for caring. I love all my kitty-lover readers.

Rita said...

I had to leave a comment - I just found your blog and we've got quite a few similarities! I'm a housewife, just moved from Vegas (to Iowa!) a little over a year ago, and am also a huge animal lover with a shamrock tattoo on my ankle. :)

By the way, I love the Bellagio gardens. They have some of the most breathtaking displays!

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