Friday, March 6, 2009

Uppercase Living

My girl Desiree from Uppercase Living came over recently, and made her mark on Ava's wall.

If you dont know what Uppercase Living is, they specialize in vinyl words or phrases, and you can put them on just about anything- walls, signs, front doors, kid's furniture.....and they are so beautiful! These little babies just enhance your room to give it more personality. You can put one in the kitchen to replace where a hanging picture might go, or add it to your child's bedroom door, or even in the guest bathroom to show your sassy side.

Own a business? They're great for those walls, too!

You get to choose the color and the size. Just click here to see how sweet some of little girl's room choices are! I chose this one for Ava's room.

Just stick and peel...............

Then go over it to make sure you dont have any snags..........................

And you're done! This is a simple, classy way to enhance your home. The pictures on her site seriously dont do the pieces justice. Mine looks SO good in person- much better than I had even expected! Ava loves it, too. Thumbs up from the princess!

And thumbs up from a happy housewife, too! If you're in Las Vegas, and would like to host an Uppercase Living party at your house, contact Desiree at OR head on over to her site and give her a call. If you host a party, you even get hostess goodies!

And if you dont live in Vegas, but are still interested in a piece, she will ship anywhere inside the United States. You pick what you love and it will come by mail. I swear they're really simple to apply!

And because we want to show you how cool this product really is, Desiree and I are giving away a "Welcome" sign to one lucky reader!

The sign will not come on the board- we want it to come without so you can put the word wherever you think it would look best in your home! The front door? Over the mantel? The hallway? It's your choice!
Leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway. Where would you put it in your house? We will randomly choose a winner on Saturday, March 14th.
And again, if you'd like to host a party of your own, or order a piece, contact Des at Tell her The Housewife Diaries sent you. From now until April 5, Uppercase Living is doing a first time promotion of buy one, get one at 1/2 off. Whoo hoo! So, if you or anyone is interested in hosting a show NOW would be a good time to do it.
Good luck, everyone!


Nicole said...

Ooooh my next door neighbor does that and they are sooo cool! If they are allowed outside I would put it next to my front door. I dont know about inside.......I'd have to try it out in a few places to see where it looks best. Thanks girls and by the way Ava's is so cute!

TTownDiva said...

oh how fun. That looks beautiful! I would put it in my living room on the wall, because my apartment is small and that's where it would look great, and if my sister Tiffany didn't like it there I'm sure she would tell me where to put it.

Unknown said...

Aww, I have that same quote on Emma's wall!

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