Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still alive and kicking!

I'm still here!

The St. Patty's Day party I hosted last Saturday went off without a hitch (more on that later). We stuffed ourselves full of corned beef and Carbombs. No one threw up, got into a fight or got naked. I'd say it was a successful party.

My hubby's siblings are here, Aaron, Tiffany and Sara, and that's been so much fun! There's been lots of laughing, beer drinking, conversations on poop (don't ask), and a shopping cart at my front door this morning (don't ask again!). I'll have lots of pictures to show you later. We've had a blast.

I've been helping my mom this week plan a memorial for her brother, my beloved uncle, John. He (very) suddenly passed away last Tuesday- which is most of the reason I've been scarce. He and I were close- my son, Jack, is named after him. I'm sad.

Exciting new: Club Renew opens THIS Sunday! I'm about ready to pee my pants I'm so excited to see the place! Their website ( goes live on Thursday- the 19th. Did you see that they are offering $1 bottle service? Um, excuse me, WHAT? Wow. I don't even know how they're doing that! Hold on, let me get down on my knees and bowwwwww.........

Stay tuned for coverage and pictures of their opening night. Thanks again to owner Marc Watts for all the info and support! He's a effing rockstar. If you missed my interview with him, GO HERE.


PorkStar said...

Hey funny lady, sorry about the passing of your family member.... you haven't posted any more Vlogs either by the way ... : (

Nicole said...

Why was I thinking you were having your party today??? Oh well, sounds like an exciting weekend! Happy St. Patricks day :)

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

So sorry to hear about your uncle, Tasha... :-(

A Big Ball of Stress said...

Ummm Tasha...sorry but parties in my book are NOT successful UNLESS someone gets ...good luck next time!!! ;) LOL

musingwoman said...

So very sorry to hear about your uncle.

I'm glad you have family around you, though, to cry and laugh with.

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