Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Patty's Day party update #1

Like I said...better late than never that I'm posting this, right? This is my sister-in-law, Tiffany. She and my daughter Ava became BFFs over this visit, which is great because I'll know who to ship the kids off to when I need an adult vacation. Heh heh. Tiff tried a Car Bomb for the first time this visit, too, and did a fab job by actually finishing both of them. I was so proud of her! After all, that's what family's for, right? And check out my cleavage. Yah, baby. Happy St. Patty's Day, now look at my boobs. I thank Jesus - and my plastic surgeon - every time I see my boobs looking like this. Now I just need to get that stupid scar on my shoulder taken care of...

Jack and Ava happily got in on the fun. I'm sure they will have tender memories of their parents having their friends and family over and being really loud and boisterous.

I wouldn't have any other way.

Here's Jack and Sara hamming it up. BTW, Sara turned 30 this week! Happy birthday, girl!

I meant to take some pictures of the food- I cooked the 2 corned beefs for almost 12 hours! It was really good, but I was so busy getting everything together, I forgot to take pictures of the best part. (the food, duh) Oh well. Use your freakin foodie imagination. I served corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, cooked carrots and the hubby brought home some loaded potato soup from work. YUM!

For dessert, I carried on my tradition of making The Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings. Oh.......mah..........gawd. These babies are a little slice of......well, imagine having sex in heaven. Yah, that's about how good they are. I recruited the troops to help me make them- they're so easy but oh, so fun! Sara loved them so much she was eating them for breakfast right out of the dish with a fork the next morning. It sounded so good at 8am, I joined her.


Cathie said...

Those Dumplings are crack. Crack I tell you!

Looks like lots of fun. Hey I wanted to ask you is Jack's hair still blue?

TTownDiva said...

I couldn't help myself. They were so good!!! You are a FABULOUS host. You throw great parties. I had a blast. Thank you so much for letting us crash your party.

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