Sunday, March 8, 2009

NEW nightclub! Club Renew

Hi all, before you continue reading, let me just tell you that "Club" Renew is not a nightclub at all. It's a viral marketing gimmick to get the word out on something that isn't worth your time. So all you club goers and websites looking for info on them....don't waste your time (or money) with Club Renew. They're a charity that lied their way to the top of Google. If you want to give to charity, give to an organization that wont bullshit their way in.

Just to prove my point, I'm leaving up the interview up I had with "Marc Watts" last week, owner of Club Renew. Pull up some popcorn, and enjoy the story of me looking like a total ass and falling for their scheme.

Want to hear more of the gossip? Watch my video blog on how Club Renew can suck it.

I've been invited to cover the opening of a brand-spanking-new nightclub here in Vegas. The details are being kept very hush-hush until the opening on March 22nd....the owner wants to tease us!

However, what he did tell me makes it sound like this is going to be a pretty spectacular place. Here's what he said:

What are your opening festivity plans like?

Our opening is going to be huge. Again, without getting into specifics, I can tell you we will be offering a drink special that has never been offered before, anywhere. This thing will be groundbreaking. Our original idea was to offer an open bar all night, but we're going to blow that out of the water. We've already recorded radio and TV to promote the special, so keep your eyes and ears open as we get closer to the opening. And of course, follow us on Twitter. (

Any celebs?

No comment. :) (um yea, I'll take that as a yes lol)

Does the club have a theme?

Yes. The theme is Positivity. I think positivity is something that's really lacking at other nightclubs. For example, at most nightclubs the bouncers are jerks. The only time they talk to you is if they're in your face. Our bouncers are different. Don't get me wrong, they can take care of business when they need to. But that's not why we hire them. They are the face of our club. They are the ones directly interacting with our guests, and as such, they need to promote a friendly and fun environment. Not create an authoritative atmosphere where people are afraid to sneeze.

Another difference is that we will never make you stand in line for hours. I find it completely absurd that clubs still do this. It's like they're so insecure they have to prove their faux-popularity by making guests wait in ridiculous lines. I think it's a deplorable business practice, and one you'll never see me take part in. Of course, it's easy to take that approach when you have a nightclub like ours.

I tried to click your website link and it didn't work- is the site still being built?

It's actually finished. But we're waiting to launch it until right before we open, around March 19. When we do, you can check us out at

Again, we'll be making the announcement on Twitter, so follow us there.

See what I mean? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? The inner hippie is practically bursting, and the party girl in me is raring to go! I'm so exciting to attend this opening! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and give you all the juicy details. Who knows what's going to happen?

Stay tuned!

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Nicole said...

Ooooh how fun! Take lots of pictures and hope you get to meet some celebs!

TTownDiva said...

That's so cool and it couldn't open on a cooler day. I hate bouncers who are jerks to you for no reason.

VegasGhostDude said...

Blowing out an open bar idea?! Wow, my inner hippie is telling me to get with it and twitter them!

Big Red said...

What crap!

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