Friday, March 20, 2009

Club Renew - A Fucking Update

Hey all! TGIF!

I wanted to give you an update on the incredible, amazing Club Renew.


Okay, here's not a club at all. It's a freakin gimmick. A marketing plan that was thought up to sell an idea to club goers everywhere. And my opinion? The gimmick isn't going to sell the real idea at all, it's going to backfire in their face.

But who am I to judge? I'm just a little person. A simple blogger and nothing else (at least that's what they think heehee). Which means whatever I say or think about the "club" doesn't matter...right?

Soooooo, for your viewing pleasure I'm going to do a video blog later today to tell you all about the last 24 hours talking with Club Renew. It will mostly be me ranting, with lots of swearing, so be prepared. Put the kids in another room, and make sure you're not at work when you listen to it. I, too, have to schedule my kids around the video. In case you didn't already know, I don't say "fuck" with my kids in the room.

I save it for my blog.

I'm not letting my kids say fuck until they're at least 12.

That was a joke, by the way. Okay....13.

So stay tuned for a fucking video blog later on today. Fuck yea.


Big Red said...

What?? What the hell?

Caz Wilson said...

I thought this was all a little odd, there was very little on the net aside from what this muppet was stirring. And a "soft launch" of the site? Hello?! Why would a nightclub in a competitive market do that?!

But good on ya Tash, can't wait to see the vid. I'd feel EXACTLY the same as you do if they'd done what they did to me. It's one thing to create hype and market a credible product, it's quite another to market a barefaced lie.

Am off to Twitter to de-follow this goon.


TTownDiva said...

What a crock of shit. I will tune in later today for your video blog.

Nicole said...

I'm definitly ready to see your VLOG!!! What a bunch of crap.

Nicole said...

I love the new header too! If you hadn't noticed I have been a little bored with my page also. It changes as often as my hair!

Unknown said...

You go girl!!

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