Friday, March 20, 2009

Club Renew can suck it.

Never trust a charity that doesn't tell the truth!

Watch my video blog here to listen to my comments.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Bahs-terds! I'm with you--no one makes an ass out of me but ME, dammit!

Quill and Greyson said...

That's right - I make an ass out of myself with no one's help!

PS. I think the cat in the background deserves a blog too.

PPS: Sorry to hear about your Uncle.


PorkStar said...

lol thats a damn long middle finger lol... i was hoping there was more swearing, but nah, you fine... also, sucks about the club thing, they deserve the finger and up in the wrong places too.


Nicole said...

Well that sucks a big one!!!! I can't believe that. I dont think your an ass so dont worry about it too much!

Monica said...

I'm so sorry that happened. I think you're awesome and totally rock!

Miss Yvonne said...

Mark whatever his name is is a PUNK BITCH. I'm sorry this happened to you. But on the plus side, you look awesome in your video and excellent background music. Take On Me. Awwwww, yeah.

P.S. I was totally hoping your cat was going to lick his butt when he stopped behind you.

Anonymous said...

If I ever run into this Marc fella he is going to get socked right in the kisser I tell ya'

Big Red said...

I was trying to concentrate on what you were saying, but your boobs were so mesmerizing. :)
But anyway, that guy is a douche. Screw him!

musingwoman said...

How dumb of them. Misrepresentation is never a good marketing plan. What were they thinking??

You, though, are totally awesome!

TTownDiva said...

I'm so sorry they turned out to be assholes! Props to you for keeping it real and telling it like it is. I love that Nemo came up in the background. I miss him!

Frantic Holly said...

Thats just horrible. Sorry you got sucked in and wasted your precious time on them.

Tomorrow's Girl said...

I know this is an old story, but... I am sorry that they used you to further their cause - giving you the option to be a part of the deception, or not, would've been the only fair thing to do. However, your comment that, "It's a viral marketing gimmick to get the word out on something that isn't worth your time," seems really heartless. Providing water to children w/o clean drinking water through UNICEF/Tap Project is bad?

Tasha said...

Dear Tomorrow's Girl,

Any cause - whether it be for children OR adults - that uses deception as their way to prmote themselves is not worth my time, and I'm not going to promote them to anyone else, either.

If I'm going to give my hard-earned money to a charity for children, it's going to be to one that I trust.

Thanks for stopping by!

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