Friday, March 27, 2009

Car Bombs with the sisters-in-law

Can of Guinness: $3

Bottle of Bailey's: $20

Watching your sister-in-law try an Irish Car Bomb for the first time: Priceless

I'm really not a bad influence...I just play one on my blog! Ha! For all of you proper drinkers out there- I left the whisky out of our shots this year since I had beginners to train. I wanted them to taste it, not throw it feel me?

Want to see a great video on how to make (and drink) an Irish Car Bomb? GO HERE.

Stay tuned later today for all the juice (and the rest of my pictures) from my St. Patty's Day party. Better late than never, right?


Cathie said...

I love Irish Car Bombs!!!!!

Caz Wilson said...

OMG my other half brought these over when he came to the UK from Vegas. Had a lot of hangovers the night after.

You and your sis-in-law's faces are priceless in that pic!

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Yikes! I'd hate (LOVE) to see her face if there had been whiskey!! I've never had an Irish Car Bomb. Not sure if I ever will now... Her face seems to describes it for me!

The Mom Jen said...

Oh man, did she puke?!

Nicole said...

Ughhhh, I dont know if I could do that. I love Baily's but I'm not a big guiness fan! Looks like you had fun though.

3HappyHippies said...

I have never had this drink but I am suddenly VERY thirsty. Bring on the Irish Car Bomb!

MamabearMills said...

that facial is awesome! I love the "bombs"!!! yummy!

TTownDiva said...

LMAO Somehow I missed this. That is funny. They were gross, but I did do more than one ;)

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