Sunday, February 22, 2009

My week in photos

Since I've been so busy this week, I'm taking the next few days off to relax and catch up. So instead of writing, I thought I'd share some of the pictures on what I've been up to. Stay tuned for more on each of these pictures, as well as another contest! This prize is courtesy of Desiree at Uppercase Living!

Yes, I let my 5 year old go to kindergarten with blue hair. I don't care what the other parents thought. Jack liked it, and that's all that mattered.

We made strawberry cupcakes for Valentine's day!

I'm already starting to plan my annual St. Patty's Day party. This year's party will be bigger and better than last year's. My sisters-in-law will be in town for this one, too! Woot!

Here's Desiree putting up a gorgeous Uppercase Living piece in Ava's room. Stay tuned this week for more on this- and my newest contest.

The Sysco food show! This was lots of fun. More pictures coming from this.

And of course...last, but certainly not least, the flapper party went off as planned and we had a blast. We didn't get back to our room until- get this - 4am. Ugh! Makes my head hurt just thinking about it! LOTS more on this coming soon!


Cathie said...

I love Jack's blue brings out his eyes! Ava is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Your house is fun!!!

Miss Yvonne said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are the cutest!

Nicole said...

Yes you have been a busy girl! Looks like you had a great week. Are you still recovering from your flapper party? LOL

Anonymous said...

HaHa! I love the blue hair. My mom used to let me do that kind of stuff when I was young. Look how I turned out!

TTownDiva said...

Only three more weeks!!! Yay! Do you and I wear the same size? I still dont have Vegas clothes. Haha

Tasha said...

Sara- you know you are MORE than welcome to raid my closet! :P

Unknown said...

Ah! LOVE Jack's hair! I'm so dying Emma's hair pink soon (think it'll piss off her dad? :)

Leigh said...

love the blue hair. and those cupcakes: YUM!

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