Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me? Help plan a bachelorette party?

Yep. I'm helping plan my girlfriend, Stephanie's, bachelorette party. Does she seriously know what she's getting into letting little old me help? Just ask my friend, Nicole. I got 3 random dudes to give her their underwear the night of hers....
No really. I'm having fun with it! There's going to be about 15 of us, and we're not exactly a *cough* tame group. Some of the ladies coming are pregnant, so we'll have to be relatively well behaved for their sake- at least until they get tired and go home to rest those baby bellies.
Should make for some pretty good bloggin, right?
The party is flapper themed. Sweet! Fun, right? I've been looking everywhere for just the perfect dress, but I dont like anything I've seen so far that's under 200 bucks. Maybe I'm being cheap. Humph.

I've been pulling every string I know of, and dropping my "professional" name to as many hotels as I can think of to get a comped or discounted suite, and I cant get a room discount to save my life.
Obviously, I suck a lot harder than I thought I did.
Hard Rock offered me a discount on one of their suites. Its original price is $800, and they'll kindly offer it to me for $600. It's not even that big of a room.
Are they high?
What the fuck? I have money in the bank, and some serious credit card credit limits, but do they seriously think I can afford that? I've got other shit to pay for... like flapper dresses and booz and food. Even if a bunch of us chipped in, I'm not going to accept that offer- just in spite.
Thanks, I guess?
Anyhoo! We've decided on Mandalay Bay. Yay! I love it there, and the suites are much more affordable. Plus, Mandalay has a burlesque club called Forty Deuce, The Foundation Room (which I just happen to have a membership to), and Rum Jungle. We've been to Rum Jungle before, and it was awesome. They have go-go girls! How hot is that? Being a go-go girl is my dream job. Give me a shot of tequila and I will jump in one of those cages and dance all night. Click here to read about our last date night adventure at Rum Jungle.
Now I just need to find a suite for all of us to meet up at, and for some of us to sleep at.
The party is next month, so I have T-minus 4 weeks to get everything together. GULP!
Overall, my life is really tame- I work at home in my jammies all day, take care of my kiddos, and looking forward to my hubby coming home every night from work. It's events like this that give me something to look forward to. I even enjoy the planning part of it all! Can you tell?


Anonymous said...

Good lord... you planning a bachelorette party? Are you planning to offer it on Pay Per View???

Nicole said...

All I remember from my Bachelorette party is trying to carry the baby down the stairs and my mother yelling at you! LOL, I kinda remember kissing someone?! Eeeewww Tash, thanx. Ha ha I had fun I think, no Im sure I did. That's just what happens when you make a nursing mother drink!

Miss Yvonne said...

A Vegas bachelorette party...I'm insanely jealous!

I didn't have one when I got married, and the last one I attended was 13 years ago when I was 22. The only somewhat daring thing we did was visit a sex shop and poke the giant dildos while giggling like idiots.

Brittany said...

OMG that sounds so fun! And the theme is kick ass! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Go to this blog. She made her flapper dress out of a sheet!!


Tasha said...

Holy shit that is amazing. I wouldn't even try that, because I'd end up with a bunch or ratty pieces of sheet that I'd have to glue on or something...

Maybe she'd make me one!

Gretchen said...


Anonymous said...

That is BRILLIANT, a flapper theme! Can I steal it for my friend's bachelorette party? Awesome. I'm basking in your awesomeness.

Unknown said...

Cool! I know whatever we do will be FUNFUNFUN :) Haha, I got to read the plans for my bachelorette on the internet. Too funny!

A Big Ball of Stress said...

Oh hell..I wish I lived in LV. Sounds like a blast. I have only been to one party in my life, and it was lame lame LAME. Have fun and good luck getting it planned.

TTownDiva said...

You are sooo planning mine someday....

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