Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girl's Night Out - Housewife Style

My girlfriends and I recently got together for our second adventure at the Las Vegas Shecky's "Girl's Night Out" event hosted by Tao nightclub. By the way, if you ever come to Vegas, and want to dance the night away at a nightclub, go to Tao. It's the best. Here's the view from the front patio. Pretty, eh? While I was standing there, appreciating the view, I got to see the Mirage's new volcano show...did you know they completely revamped it? Now you do! It was fantastic, btw.
Want to read about my first experience at a Shecky's event? GO HERE.

If you dont know Shecky's, you should. The event brings together a ton of designers so you can shop your little black heart out, and even offers OPEN bar. As I've said before; there's nothing quite like drunk shopping, in a nightclub, shaking your butt to the music as you go, and acting like a total idiot.
At least that's what I like to do. This event is always so much fun!

Here's my friend, Steph, trying on a flask! She's getting married in March so this will go perfectly with the wedding dress. Don't you think so?

There were lots of sparkly things to gawk at. Some very talented jewelry makers were there to showcase their pieces.

An very smart thing that Tao did was round up ALL of their men workers, and put them behind the bars. And to my surprise, they men were all very nice, and very patient.

Let me explain the patient part. Being a former bartender myself, I can totally sympathize with having to deal with annoying, drunk women. They talk too loud, they scream and cat call a lot, and they just act dumb. Well, I'm not ashamed- this is exactly what my girlfriends and I do, too.
We're chicks, we can't help it.

So while we're having the time of our little lives, the bartenders and bouncers were all very patient and gracious to us. The let me take their pictures, and hang on them, and cat call all I wanted.
Don't believe me? Just look:

What can I say? I like to make friends with the bouncers. They were the biggest dudes I've ever seen...but they were pussycats! Meow!

All of the Tao people were excellent babysitters...I mean hosts....and I thank them for that.

Our group of chicks got bigger as the night, and the alcohol, went on. Isn't it amazing how, when you're drinking, any stranger can be your new best friend? Luckily, these ladies were very nice. You can see that we stocked up on the infamous goodie bags, too. I love getting those damn bags! -

And so, another Shecky's event has been put to rest. Until next time....

To see if there's a Shecky's event near you, GO HERE.


Nicole said...

once again I'm jealous and wish I could have a girls nite out like that! My girlfriends here are boring.

NucMEd is Hot said...

It ooks like you ladies had a great time and if I ever find my way to VEgas, I'm looking you up!

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