Saturday, November 22, 2008

What did you just say?

Jack has started saying "seriously, mom" to me on a pretty regular basis. This sounds so bizarre (but kind of funny) coming from a 5 year old boy, but I think he got "seriously" from me. Here's what I'm thinking to myself when he says this-

Do I seriously say that? Oh shit....I just said it, didn't I? Oh shit, I said shit. I really gotta work on that swearing thing, too. I don't want my kid to grow up being an effing potty mouth....because I'm not a fucking potty mouth. Oh shit...I did it again. Did I seriously just say shit again?

My girlfriend and I were talking the other day, and the subject of our kids came up. She said "don't you hate it when your kid starts to say things that you know came from you?"

Shit, yes! I answered.

These funny things come out of Jack's mouth, and I seriously don't realize how silly they actually sound until he says them. Seriously. I'm raising a boy with a valley-girl vocab.

Sweet. Like, totally gag me with a spoon.


Nicole said...

LOL I know that feeling. My kids are disciplining each other and they sound exactly like me. Its funny and scary all at the same time. Makes me realize that I am a real bitch sometimes!

Tiff said...
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Tiff said...

I just blame all the profanity on Mark...ha..ha!! j/k! On the way to the football game the other eve in the car James said "Go fast, Dad, Go Fast, Dad (Mark speeds up enough to run the yellow light--which he NEVER does btw) just a little bit more, Dad, little bit more!" I promise these are not things that I've said in the past few months!

Nicole said...

You have been photo tagged. Come over and see what to do!!! Love ya

TTownDiva said...

I say that too! I don't have a kid of my own that repeats things I say, but I can tell you James has picked up things from me, he even does one of my facial expressions really well.

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