Thursday, November 6, 2008

Housewife News

I'm such a lucky gal! Remember my Chef's dinner date, produced by the March of Dimes? Well, they have so graciously invited me to their next event! I think I may make Gary Fox- and the entire organization- my new best friends! They host such fantastic parties, and have been so kind to little old me- how could I say no? Plus, it should make for some exceptional blogging. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not shy...and I have been encouraged to take lots of pictures and talk to as many of the nurses as my heart desires. Doesn't that sound amazing? I am SO there.

The event is called Nurse of the Year, and it recognizes exceptional nurses in Southern Nevada. Each nurse is nominated by their peers and patients. There are other Nurse of the Year awards throughout the United States, but I'm told that the Las Vegas awards ceremonies are the best. I know that the March of Dimes plans to promote their Las Vegas party with a video, in hopes of increasing the nursing awards to other cities. So if you're a nurse, check to see if there's an event near you. The awards are growing!

Stay tuned to find out how the event went! And thank you March of Dimes for the invitation.

Also, stay tuned for a couple of blogs about my Colorado trip last week. There's talk about Sarah Palin, an Avalanche Hockey Game (sorry Liam!), Columbine High School, and lots of girlfriend and sister time.

There's lots to talk about, and tons of pictures to share- including all my family's Halloween pictures.


Nicole said...

Once again I am soooo jealous. I don't ever get to do anything out of the ordinary. My life outside of my boys is pretty boring!

Cathie said...

I wonder if I will get an award when I go back into nursing. Chicago just had their nurse of the year awards.
Have FUN!

Anonymous said...

both of my sisters are nurses...

and I have to insert my obligatory... Go Wings!

Ann Harrison said...

Hi Tasha!
Thanks for stopping by the Virtual GNO.
It's just so nice to hang out without worrying about getting a sitter.
I've rented the "Sex and The City Movie" (I'm probably the last person to see it) so I'll get my girls tucked in and watch.
Have you seen it? (Do you even want to?)

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