Saturday, November 1, 2008

March of Dimes' Signature Chefs - The Dinner

If you haven't read the first parts of this blog, then go here (for the preview) and here (for the auction) to catch up and then come back. First let me show you how cute my husband is- he picked his tie (purple!) to match my blouse. Isn't that sweet?! I love couples who match. We're going to be one of those couples who wears matching reindeer sweaters when we're eighty. Heehee

So after we were introduced to the chefs who would be creating all of the delectable food we'd be eating that evening, the staff pulled a couple of large curtains aside to reveal another ballroom (and seriously, with the curtains there, I didn't even realize there was another room behind them). We entered the second ballroom- which was twice as big as the first- and it was such an amazing, glamorous set up, I had to remind myself to close my dropped jaw. And, as I said before, the color of the evening was PURPLE!

Remember that, ladies. The color of the season is purple.

At each place setting, there was a detailed "menu" (although it was more like a book) with a page for each chef and a detailed description of what they'd be serving. I glanced over the book, but really, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the actual food. Screw reading it...I want to eat it! I took the menu home and read it the next morning! It made me want to do it all over again...

To read what each chef was serving, click here.

Every food station- which had anywhere from 3 chefs to 10 behind it- each had their own set up. Some where very exotic, some were very simple. I think they each reflected the personality of the chef.

There were some really amazing ice sculptures in the middle of some of the stations. You can see on the table each little white china plate with a small sample of food. This was pretty much how every station was- you got a few bites from each plate.

Once I picked up a plate, each had a delectable, edible work of art. One of the popular things the chefs did was use the freshest herbs and vegetables. There were some pretty amazing flavors around.

Another really amazing thing about the event was that the actual chef would serve his dish. I made friends with a few of them...Luciano Pellegrini kindly posed for a picture with the dish he was giving me. Lobster Carbonara...mmmmm.

As you can see, some of the set-ups were incredibly elaborate and beautiful. Look at these- aren't they amazing? Doesn't it make you hungry?

While on my food rounds, I came to the Rosemary's restaurant table. (Read about my birthday dinner blog at Rosemary's here) Although I didn't meet him, I got to watch the owner, Michael Jordan work his magic behind the table and I even had a chat with his PR manager. By the way, his shrimp remoulade was to die for! While I was munching on his shrimp, I set up a table at their restuarant to have dinner the following week. Stay tuned to my column at in November for a review of my dinner at Rosemary's!

I heard that Clint Black and his wife were at the event, although I didn't see them. I did see Robin Leach walk by (champagne wishes and caviar dreams!), and Shelly Bruner and John Huck- our local Fox evening news anchors- were sitting at a table over from us.

At the end of the night, there was a short presentation from The March of Dimes. They told the story of little boy, who now was about 5 or 6 years old, that was born premature, and The March of Dimes helped save his little life. It was really sweet because we just happened to be sitting at the table next to this little boy's family. I got to watch his reaction to the movie they played- he was so proud watching himself on that screen! Inspiring stuff.

I have to say, next to the Epicurean Affair, this was one of the most amazing events I have ever been to in Las Vegas. If I'm lucky, it wont be my last.

If you'd like to make a donation to The March of Dimes, click here.


A Big Ball of Stress said...

You make me sick!! You get to do all this cool stuff! LOL

How sweet of the hubby!

Now I need to go shopping for all purple clothing!

Sue Wilkey said...

WOW. All the fancy dinner events I've been to, the rule is, the larger the crowd, the lamer the food. But that looked spectacular!

Cathie said...

Oh looks devine! Nothing happens in the corn fields!

Mommy In Pink said...

I love pretty..the food looks delicious! I only fancy dinner events I go to are the Mayor's Ball every year...but this event looked like so much fun!

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