Friday, September 5, 2008

Things that excite me

Nooooooo, it's not sex for all you dirty-minded people out there. Sex does excite me (thanks, honey!) but that's not what I'm talking about today.

Carpet Steam Cleaners

We just bought our first steam cleaner. Woot! Our carpets were starting to look like they were alive, so I thought we needed to invest in one. We also bought a new vacuum, and I swear to god, the crap that came out of our carpet on the first run through was scarrrry. The dust ball I threw away was the size of a large rat. Ewww.

Wanna come over?

Anyway, so we shampooed the carpets and they look almost like normal again! The most exciting part is I don't have to give the steam cleaner back. I get to clean the carpets again next weekend! Yay! Yes, this really does excite me. I know, I'm lame.

Cold Stone's Marshmallow Ice Cream

Oh..... mah....... gawd. Have you tried it yet? Let me first say that Cold Stone is so good, my husband and I have decided it's evil. I was saying how good the ice cream was last night (while I was stuffing my face with it) and the hubby says "just imagine the marshmallow going to your marshmallow ass.". Uhhh, thanks, honey. But still, we love it. But we know we cant eat it every day (like we want to). So when I go, I want to make it good. My usual order is sweet cream with cookie dough. Sugar city, I know. However yesterday I got crazy and tried their new marshmallow flavor. Wow. It's fluffy. It's sweet. It's amazing....if you're into marshmallows. I have some in my freezer right now and it's calling my name. I can hear it now: Tasha..... Tasha....

Damn that ice cream.

My Mom's new cell phone plan

She called me to tell me I'm one of her "fab five". She said "now we can talk all the time!". I'm still waiting for that call back, but when it happens it'll be fun to talk without hearing "I have to go, I don't know how many minutes I have left".


Why does this excite me? Because it's the only freakin time in the day that I have to breathe. Ava has been refusing naps all week, so these times are few and far between. When she actually falls asleep I do a little happy dance outside of her door. Can you picture it? Maybe I'll post it one of these days.


Anonymous said...

I said "Imagine your ass is a big marshmallow" not that you are somehow adding girth to your marshmallow ass! - Matt

Anonymous said...

By the way, I think you have a GREAT ass honey. It joes tastes like marshmallow now, which is fine with me. Here's to your perfect ass/ - Matt

Anonymous said...

I can't spell. It JUST tastes like marshmallow. I'm out. Gotta go to work. - Matt

Anonymous said...

AAACK!!! I had the marshmallow ice cream YESTERDAY! Holy crap does it ever taste so good. With chocolate sprinkles and graham crackers - OH HEAVEN IN A BOWL!
And I'm LMAO at your marshmallow tasting ass.... I don't think there is enough cold stone ice cream in this world to make my ass taste like anything my husband would want to try. teeeheee

Tasha said...

I husband was kind of rambling, wasnt he? Heehee. I'm sure my ass doesn't taste like marshmallows- umm, eww. It WAS 5:30 in the morning, though. He's one of those crazies that gets up at 5am just for shits!

Anonymous said...

I live for naptime. Ahhhh...the peace and quiet...I almost hate to ruin it by watching Tivo'ed shows like Project Runway.

The Mom Jen said...

OMG Matt is hilarious!

Naptime...what's that? I think K is catholic and gave it up for Lent. And by Lent I mean forever!

I want naptime back!

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about steam cleaning my carpets. It's really the only thing I have planned this weekend and I've actually been looking forward to it alllll week. What is wrong with me?!

Meg said...

Steam cleaning your carpet excites you too? Geez, I thought I was the ONLY one! I love how it looks when it's all fresh and clean!

Marshmallow ICE CREAM? I must try it...I love being evil!

I totally get being excited about Naptime, I remember when...

A Christian Mom said...

I've never been to Cold Stone. We have one, not to far from here. We need to try it. I hear so much about it & the marshmallow ice cream sounds yummy!

NucMEd is Hot said...

First, Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Moving on, I love my steam cleaner I went out and bought a steam mop!!! Heaven I tell you pure Heaven.

Also, W e have stone cold creamery here, and I love it, but this summer I went to the Tilamook cheese factory, and did you know they make ice cream too, yeah, me neither. I actually cut in line, in front of my own mother to get to it first.

You're a riot!

Brittany said...

OK wait...marshamallow ice cream! Is this new? I want a smore sunday right now!

Anonymous said...

I see there you love that wonderful ice cream from Cold Stone. I just found out that they are going to have a spectacular ice cream social on the 25th of Sept between the hrs of 5-8 p.m. Now this is a good excuse to go out and get some of that ice cream!

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