Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The new Las Vegas: City Center

It's Las Vegas Week on The Housewife Diaries!

After 5 years of living in Las Vegas, I still find it strange that we can drive down our main highway and see these incredible hotels and casinos. Living in the suburbs, I sometimes forget where I am.

On the way back from a birthday party, I snapped a few pictures just to show you how close these casinos actually are to the highway.

(BTW- do you call it a highway or a freeway? What's the difference?)

There is always new building going on- every time I go to the strip there's sometime new going up. The newest (and biggest) building is what will become City Center.

Visit their website here:

The picture here is just a small portion of what it will become. It's the most enormous, incredible looking structure I've ever seen on the strip. It takes up an entire block (and then some) and, even at this early stage in its development, I can tell that the architecture is contemporary and unique.

I hear it's supposed to be like a "city within a city". It will have a hotel and casino, but along with that, it's suppose to have condos, tons of shopping, multiple pools, and tons of entertainment. If you stay there, you'll never have to leave it's property!

Here are some of the things the website boasts:

One 61-story, 4,000-room hotel tower.

Two 400-room high-end, non-gaming hotels including Las Vegas’ first Mandarin Oriental. (that's two hotels)

Approximately 2,650 luxury condominium and hotel/condominium units. (If you want to invest in Las Vegas real estate- do it HERE)

The Crystals retail and entertainment district will include approximately 500,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment under a crystalline canopy of unprecedented brilliance. (Wow, cant wait to see this!)

City Center's scheduled opening is for late 2009. Stay tuned to The Housewife Diaries for future updates!


Anonymous said...

I found a very interesting timeline of Las Vegas here: - Matt

Merrie said...

That actually sounds pretty interesting. I remember seeing it built last month. I'll check out the link. I wish I could afford a vacation condo. :)

Anonymous said...

All-inclusive in Vegas, huh? Sounds fun!

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