Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Date night! Not exactly....

DH and I decided to go out to dinner last Friday night to celebrate the 3 day holiday weekend. We wanted sushi- it's one of our favorite things to eat. But it's usually saved for an adult night since our kids want nothing to do with it. I don't blame them. I don't know many kids that will eat raw fish. I've never pressured them into trying it, either.

But since it was the husband's birthday weekend, I thought we'd go as a family and I'd use my secret back-up plan: we swung by McDonald's and picked up Happy Meals for the kids (I know, I'm a good mom feeding my kids Happy Meals- you don't need to say it). The kids were more than happy to bring their decorated little cardboard boxes into our local (all-you-can-eat) sushi place. We accidentally stumbled upon this sushi place a few years ago and it's always been really yummy. It's casual, it's afforable, and it's close.

So we walk in and get seated, and immediately get a nasty look from our server. My husband gently explains that, since our kids are so young, they dont eat sushi. She tells us, nooooooooo, they dont allow this. What!? They aren't going to allow us to bring our 2-year-old her own food because she wont eat SUSHI?

The server says "We have chicken teriyaki". Okay, AND.....? Um sorry but just because you have chicken teriyaki doesn't mean my kids eat that. They're picky. It's my own damn fault, I know, but still. And by the way, I've eaten a lot of sushi. The Housewife ain't no sushi virgin. I know what there is to eat. I told the server we weren't going to share our food with the kids (since it was all-you-can-eat), and I tried to butter her up by saying we loved their restaurant but could never eat there FOR THIS VERY REASON. (Like, duh) We went back and forth with her for about ten minutes.

"You cant do that."

"Why not?"


"We dont do this"

"Why not?"


You get the idea.

So the husband and I were wide eyed and looking at the waitress like "shit, what do we do now?". She eventually- grudgingly- allowed us to stay, but it kind of ruined our dining out experience. Were we out of line? It's one thing if it were a pizza joint and we were bringing in other food, but it was sushi. Raw fish. Seaweed. Tofu. And our kids are 2 and 4 years old. They ain't teenagers bringing in Taco Bell, ya know?

I want to know your opinions....whether you agree with me or not......was it inappropriate of us to bring in our Happy Meals to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant? The husband and I both have been in the restaurant biz for 20+ years.... and we thought it would be okay with the staff. Obviously, we were mistaken. We wont be doing that again!


Anonymous said...

We have to bring food with us all the time because one of our daughters is on a rather strict diet... So we tell them she has food allergies...

the other thing is to repackage it... Bringing big McD boxes into a restaurant is worse than just bringing the burgers in.

Anonymous said...

You were not out of line. After the her first "We don't do this" I would have asked to speak to the manager.

3HappyHippies said...

Just my opinion...I think it depends on the establishment. If it’s in an environment where that will likely be unnoticed I say go for it but if its somewhere where that seems completely out of the ordinary than maybe not.

just a girl... said...

I have taken food into places all the time. Bottom Line if you weren't there they wouldv'e made a dollar less. What freaking idiots.

Brittany said...

IF they don't have a kids menu, I think you acted correctly. When she said you couldn't do it, then I would have gotten up to leave, and she can measure how badly she wants a tip.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, get over yourself, sushi waitress. Chicken teriyaki for a two-year-old, is she kidding?

** said...

Faint of heart, close your eyes. I feel a rant coming on.

This topic is near and dear to this mommas eyes. My Mr. Blinky (Autistic) son is very limited in his food intake. If I actually want to enjoy dining out I used to have to bring food with me. It is getting better and better but still happens. I have run into this "We can't allow this" more often than not. "It's against health code regulations." Blah blah blah. Well tell me this, if I shove my arm so far up your ...... is that going to be against health code regulations too? 9 out of 10 times when I say that my son is Autistic and only eats certain foods the tone changes and fast because they start thinking in legal terms of discrimination.

What does sister in law think?

Maybe they are thinking in terms of profit? You know, making a quick buck off that kids menu?

I'm sorry if I am ranting... Aunt Flo took an early flight this month and arrived unexpectedly! The spare room wasn't even ready? WTF!

The world isn't black and white. We have shades of gray. It's not like you are bringing in an entire soccer team carrying their own food and have only two paying adults. For crying out loud.


Thank you, and please pull around.

For fucksake, this one gets the "eff" bomb.

Merrie said...

We always brought in baby food to restaurants when our kids were very little -- what's the difference? Nobody asked us to leave for having a bag of cheerios on the table. Of all places, a sushi restaurant is the ONE place you shouldn't expect your kids to dive in to the buffet.

And another thing, as long as I'm ranting, if they don't offer a kids menu, then all the more reason to bring kids food.

On your side,

The Mom Jen said...

My 10 year old brings in McD's when we go to Chinese food all the time. She doesn't care for it. The days we don't the owner wants to give her like a basket of fortune cookies to eat just so she is eating something!

It's not like your entire party (family) is bringing in outside food and just using their tables to eat it on. YOu and Hubby are paying customers!

SUshi, come on!

Toni said...

You weren't out of line. Thats just insane! She obviously needed some excitement in her night ;)

Kathy said...

I don't think you were out of line. Especially considering their ages. BUT I would have got up and left. I would have said, "think about how much money you're losing now!" as my sushi lovin' ass walked out the door.

Gettysburg Mom said...

If they don't have a kids menu beyond one item (that most two and four year olds wouldn't eat), then I vote OK. In fact, I wish we had done this the last time we went to a sushi restaurant as the then three year old got stuck with the chicken dish that he wouldn't eat and EVERYONE was miserable. Just another voice in the chorus...

JenB said...

I thought there was some rule about it being a health code violation to bring outside food in to a restaurant? I only say that because when Chris and I went out to eat at yes, a sushi restaurant and brought our son's Mickey D's meal in with us they told us we couldn't bring in our own food. My husband was actually having his last meal with us before a deployment so you can imagine how well that went over with him! I thought we were going to have a restaurant brawl! They let us stay but they said, don't ever do that again! Sheesh!

TTownDiva said...

F that waitress. What a big B&@#$! I say tell her to shut up and bring you your damn raw fish.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I think the waitress was a ho, and I don't mean the gardening untensil variety. My girls and I go eat sushi about twice a month and I have to knock them off the platter or they will eat it all. They are 5 and 9, little freaks.

Kathi D said...

I would be bringing a Happy Meal for myself, too. I don't do sushi.

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