Wednesday, September 10, 2008

500th Blogtation Party!

Did you know that Blogtations is having a party? The blog is coming up on it's 500th quote (yay!), and to celebrate, they're asking for your most favorite quote on the site! I know you want to play! Read all about it here.

As part of the party, I have to post my favorite quote on Blogtations. If you want to see what's been quoted off my blog, click the widgets on my side bar. I wont get upset if you want to vote for me!

My favorite quote from Blogtations is (and for all of you Breakfast Club fans out there)......

"When something good or triumphant happens to you, do you ever pump your hand into the sunset and freeze in place, just like Judd Nelson in the final frame of The Breakfast Club? Right, me neither, I was just wondering if you did. "

Geese Aplenty

Click the link above to read more from Geese Aplenty- he's hysterical.

Do you have the song "Don't you forget about me" in your head now? I know I do.

So go visit Blogations and pick the quote that you love the most. There are almost 500 to choose from! Congratulations Blogtations!


NucMEd is Hot said...

I will be singing that god forsaken song all day now! I love that movie, kind of like I love The Hills

musingwoman said...

Thanks for playing! I love that movie and that quote. :)

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