Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jack's question of the week:

If you missed the first blog about Jack's crazy questions, go here and then come back. I've decided to start a "Jack's question of the week" series, since the questions only get better and better. Here's this week's dose of randomness. Your job is to help me give him an answer to his questions. Soooooo, how would you answer this question to an almost 5 year old boy?

"Mom, why do camels smell bad?"

Camels? What? Where he got this, I have no clue. Where did he come up with camels? It's not like we see them at the make-believe Las Vegas zoo (we don't have a zoo, duhhhh).

And why does he think they smell bad? They do smell...but.... huh?


Anonymous said...

My son is 5 too... He likes to make random comments...

A recent one while driving home from the grocery store:

"Daddy... I'm hungry and thirsty... And I want a spaceship to land on the moon so I can see it."

Us said...

HAHA! That's funny! What I want to know is, did you get the answer for him??

3HappyHippies said...

When Q-tip asks me crazy stuff I try to give him the best explanation I can (I tend to talk to him like an adult when possible) or if I dont understand I ask him questions. Yes I did this even when he was 2 and so on. As for camels...I would assume they might stink as all pets without frequent baths do. They live outside like most large animals therefore encounter the elements, dust, dirt and what not. That would most likely be enough for what did you tell him?

Anonymous said...

Because animals live outside and dont take baths. I try to keep my answers short and sweet cuz if they get too leads to more questions!!!!

My latest question was "are bugs animals?"

That was a tough one. I tried explaining that they were insects and not animals.
my kids: huh?
In the long run I just said "sigh, yes they are animals".

Big Red said...

Missy we do have a zoo in Vegas, get your facts straight. :)

Anonymous said...

Yup. These girls are right on. No baths. And, man, they DO stink, my daughter rode one at the circus last week and she was plugging her nose the whole time.

Merrie said...

Maybe he meant Camel cigarettes? Wouldn't that be crazy?

just a girl... said...

Just wait till he is 13 you get questions like do girls have hair on their butt.

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