Monday, August 4, 2008

Girl's Night Out

Hi, my name is Tasha, and yes, these are my actual friends. Aren't they silly? I told them to be, mostly so I could post this and laugh at them, but they took the direction and really ran with it. I have a whole picture library of pictures like these.

Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you where we were? We all went to a "Girl's Night Out" event, hosted by Shecky's. Luckily, it was at Tao nightclub in the Venetian because I had never been inside Tao before then. Tao is supposed to be the best (so take a mental note if you ever come to Las Vegas and want to go dancing)!

The Shecky's tickets were hella cheap, and it was open bar inside (whoo hoo!). The event brings together designers from all over, and you can browse their clothes, jewelry, and everything else under the sun (we were even talking to a vendor about sex lotions...seriously). This is an ingenious event in my opinion. Women... drunk shopping? How can you go wrong?

The best part of the night was every person that bought a ticket got a "goodie bag". I wasn't expecting anything impressive out of these. The cost of the ticket barely covered what I drank in beer.
BUT, these bags were fantastic. You can see the bags in our laps.....keep reading to see what was in them.

So after a long night of shopping (hard times, I know), the girls gorged themselves on cheese fries and greasy hamburgers at Johnny Rockets. There's just something special about late night, drunk eating.....don't you think? I, being the only sober one (seriously!), took a cheese fry rain-check and headed home to enjoy my goodie bag and get a good night's sleep.

When I got home, I spread out all my treasures. I got a very decent collection of goodies, wouldn't you agree?

So if there's a Shecky's event near you, GO! You'll have a blast, get a free drink (or two), and come home with a great little bag.


Kathy said...

Nice goody bag! I actually kinda miss those after hours grease fests. Sometimes that was the best part of the night!

My best and worst memory was at a Denny's and having to drag my girlfriend OFF another girl and keep her from beating her ass. Good times ;-P

Anonymous said...

As a word of warning...

Drunken dining is fun... but be careful... Choose food you aren't attached to because it'll come back to haunt you. To this day I can't eat summer sausage or BBQ Fritos.

Brittany said...

SHUT UP! That looks like the funnest night ever!

Um, we do have those fancy thing sin the sticks, ladies nights out consist of us folding laundry together and killing mosquitoes why the men hunt things...I need to move to Vegas!

Merrie said...

Very cool! I actually thought the little square orange and white packets were condoms at first. "What are they trying to say?!"
Glad you had fun...and now I'm going to google Sheckys. lol

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

I love goody bags. Ok next one ...I'm coming to! Drinks , shopping , free stuff ... yep my kind of par-tay !!

Kate said...

So funny that you went to this. I had actually pitched this event to a client and they didn't pick it up. But my plan was that if they had picked it up, I'd have sent you to take pics and just check it out. You would have gotten 5 free tickets. You would have been our on-site gal.

Maybe next year!

KatBouska said...

You guys look like fun! So which one is JenB?? And tell her I said hi. And tell her thanks for the nice comment on my blog. And tell her to start a blog so I can tell her myself!! ;)

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